Navigating the Hard Sale

5 Sale-Closing Techniques

You’ve done your homework. Your presentation was outstanding, but the prospective client is not in a buying mood. So what should you do? Try these techniques:

1. Know when the timing is right.  If your prospect seems distracted when you’re making your pitch, stop. Say, “It seems that your mind is on something else.” If the prospect admits that his or her mind is drifting, graciously tell him or her that you’ll call back or visit again later.

2. Don’t miss a beat. Make sure you follow up and schedule another visit. Start from the beginning. Your presentation will sound fresh since the prospect wasn’t listening the first time around.

3. Give it another try. Contact people who have rejected your initial offer, and tell them that you’re still interested in doing business with them.  Share new information about your services and how they’re benefiting countless individuals and small business owners.

4. Keep the door wide open. If the prospect isn’t in a buying mood, he or she will resent any hard-selling efforts to change his or her mind. “Well, thank you for your courtesy.” This keeps the door open for your next communication.

5. Walk in your prospect’s shoes. Remember that today’s buyers are strapped for time and, often, cash. They’re being pulled in a hundred different directions, just like you. It’s also important to consider what your client is in need of most.  Perhaps your services are the perfect solution for their current problems.

6.  Remember to focus on what you can do for them.  This isn’t the time to explain what you do.  It is, however, the time to explain how your services will benefit the prospect.  It also doesn’t hurt to say that you’re likely to save them enough money to more than cover your fees.

Regardless of what happens, it’s important that you leave the prospect with a good feeling about your interaction.  While you may be disappointed in the outcome, it’s important that you act like a professional and treat potential clients with courtesy and respect.  We can guarantee it’s an impression they won’t soon forget.

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