Never Ending Success – Part II


A Paperclip Could be Your Blueprint for Financial Success!

Last time we talked about becoming a success-practices investigator. We discussed the need to create: 1) a notebook for keeping track of the marketing techniques that appealed to us, 2) clipping and saving the ads that impressed us, 3) keeping the direct mail that comes to our home and reading it for ideas, and 4) watching and listening to headlines.The first part of the secret of never-ending success was to not limit ourselves. Now it’s time to talk about the next part of the secret.I remember the first time I saw a Vespa Scooter. I knew they were Italian. But I didn’t know much more about them than that. They were first imported into the United States back in 1953, but other than a brief appearance in American Graffiti, I didn’t really notice them until about 2 or 3 years ago. (I guess I was too busy noticing other things.)I have to admit though, once I did, I started seeing them everywhere. Have you ever noticed that when you purchase a new car, for example; after you drive it home, you start seeing that same make and model of car everywhere? The same is true of our secret.

What do a paperclip and a Vespa Scooter have to do with never-ending success?

The second part of our secret is, see your hidden assets.In his book, Getting Everything You Can Out of What You’ve Got, Jay Abraham, a world renowned marketer, speaker and writer, tells a story about a friend of his that might help shed some light on this.His friend was a catalogue manager for a large computer mail-order company. Over the years he’d risen to the highest level within the company that he possibly could. He had also trained a number of younger people who, over the years, had quit and gone to more prestigious, high-profile jobs.As time went on his one-and-a-half hour commute and all the bureaucratic corporate nonsense became too much. He was burned out. He hated going to work. He saw nothing fulfilling in his job. And, to make matters worse, whenever he came up with a truly innovative idea, management rejected it. He wanted out.One day, without any other job prospects, he quit. He decided that he never wanted to work for anyone else ever again. He would be master of his own destiny.Unfortunately, he had no plan. He’d just walked away from an almost 6-figure income and had to support the Northern California lifestyle that went along with it. He struggled for a couple of months with no success.

Here are three questions that have the power to change your life.

After talking with him, Mr. Abraham asked three questions. I’d like to ask you the same three questions.

  1. Have you identified and valued your true expertise and inventoried your negotiable personal assets? (Do you know what your personal assets are and do you know how valuable they might be?)
  2. What performance skills have you demonstrated in the past that not only have abstract, but intrinsic, value and importance to a business—or specific type of business? (What are your special skills that have real value?)
  3. What have you accomplished that people would not only respect, but also desire to learn and utilize to gain the same benefits for their companies?

At first, he drew a blank. So Jay had him analyze and reconstruct all the monumental things he’d experienced, contributed to, and been a part of since he started working. Not only at his current job, but in every previous position he’d ever had over the course of his entire career.To his surprise, he’d realized that under his direction, the greatest mail-order catalog success in the entire industry had occurred. The owners of the company had become multi-millionaires. He was on the cutting-edge of dozens of product-introduction breakthroughs that became massive successes. Further, the heads of critical departments at five of the industry’s top catalog companies had been trained personally by him.He began to finally realize and appreciate the second part of our secret. His previous successes and skills created a wonderful opportunity for creating greater success for his clients. As well as financial independence for himself.Now, instead of being in a dead-end, lower-rung, middle-management position in a large corporation, he deals with owners and presidents of fast-growing and exciting entrepreneurial enterprises. But what’s more, he’s successful and extraordinarily happy.

You still haven’t told me how a paperclip and a Vespa Scooter are part of a secret to never-ending success!

Once you sit down and answer those three questions, and you quantify and value your hidden assets, life will never be the same for you again. Mr. Abraham says, “What you know, do, or have successfully done is probably worth considerable money and value to other non-competitors in your business or line of endeavor—or outside it.”Now for the paperclip. A simple office tool. Used by millions. Was invented in 1899 and underappreciated since then. I never give my paperclips a second thought, until they’re not there. Would your employer only miss your contribution to their company after you’re gone? Your hidden talents, just like the paperclip are probably underappreciated… not only by others… but by you, too.And the Vespa… Once you start looking for your hidden skills and assets, and start recognizing them for how valuable they are, you’re going to see them all over the place.

A secret to never-ending success.

  1. Don’t limit yourself.
  2. Recognize your hidden assets.

How can this secret create success in an Accounting and Tax Preparation career?

That’s easy. And you don’t have to take my word for it. There are thousands of people all over the country that have made the decision to begin a wonderful career in Accounting and Tax Preparation. Click here to hear a few of them tell how Universal Accounting training changed their lives for the better. The Professional Bookkeeper Program has everything you’ll need to know to help your hidden assets provide the income and lifestyle that you might be looking for. But that’s not all, with access to some of the most innovative and effective marketing methods found anywhere, methods that have been proven successful time after time, you will be one of the extraordinarily happy. Simply follow the link below for more information on the Professional Bookkeeper Program.Click here to learn how to take the first step towards a successful career in Bookkeeping and Accounting.

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