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Most people have good days and bad days but that doesn’t mean that it’s time to make a career change… or does it? Let’s take a look at a some signs that might tell you to take a second look at what you’re doing and some options to improve your lifestyle and quality of life.How do you really know if it’s time to start looking for something else or time for a few days off. You might be surprised to know that the warning signs are pretty subtle, and according to Jeanne Sahadi, CNN/Money senior writer, here they are:

  • You have a lot on your mind, just not work. You spend most of your day thinking about what you’re going to do when you go home. Work has become boring for you and you are daydreaming for much of the day. Dory Hollander, a career coach, workplace psychologist and author of The Doom-Loop System, says, ” When it’s just a job, it’s time to leave.”
  • Things change, not to your advantage. Maybe the boss you’ve gotten along with so well for years leaves and there is now someone else who your new boss likes better than you. Your access to the boss diminishes and you find yourself “out-of-the-loop.”
  • Your boss takes you for granted. Your boss takes your skills for granted and pigeonholes you into a certain category and doesn’t offer you any opportunities to expand your career within the company. Maybe you’re known as a good “corporate citizen” who will do whatever you’re asked, even at the expense of your own career.
  • You pigeonhole yourself. Hollander knows top performers who stay at their jobs because they don’t believe they could succeed elsewhere. “The longer you’re at a place, the more you think your success depends on your environment,” she said. Or you lose confidence that you can do anything else.
  • Your mood ranges from angry to angrier. Your spouse might be the person to answer this question, are you kind of cranky? There are many people who don’t really believe that their mood is effected by their workplace, but it does. Nobody wants to work with someone who’s upset and difficult… which tends to alienate you from opportunities and coworkers.
  • You don’t feel well. Unhappiness can undermine your health, said Paul Spector, professor of industrial and organizational psychology at the University of South Florida. Early signs of excess stress: stomachaches, headaches and insomnia.

If You’re Experiencing Any of These Symptoms, It Might Be Time to Answer the Door.

Of course, we all go through periods of time when the enjoyment of our job ebbs and flows, but if you’re experiencing 3 or more of these symptoms you might need to look for something else.Like thousands of others just like you, many people consider owning a bookkeeping and accounting practice to be the perfect opportunity for them. You might be asking yourself whether or not you have the skills for creating a successful bookkeeping and accounting practice. You might be surprised to know that many of the skills you’ll need, you already have. Take a minute and see for yourself. Click on the link below and determine whether or not you have what it takes.Click Here to Learn More About the Basic Skills Needed to be Successful in a Bookkeeping and Accounting Practice

Gain a Whole New Perspective on Career Satisfaction!

happy faceThousands of our graduates are finding the satisfaction of owning their own Bookkeeping and Accounting practice to be all they needed to find fulfillment in their professional life. Here’s what just a couple of them have to say.”When I started this class I knew nothing about accounting. Wow, what a difference 4 weeks can make! My advice, Just Do It. You never know what you can do until you do it. I know you’ve heard it before, but in 10 years do you want to be where you are now? I don’t. That’s why I’m here doing this.”-Dennis Keener”After 15 years experience in bookkeeping I have felt for the first time that I understand the accounting concept through this course. I always knew I had what it takes to fit into it but now I have fulfilled the confidence I lacked before this class. UAS is a very meaningful entity for me and has my respect.”-Ana I. Estrada”I have been very impressed by how much we have learned in such a short time. I had no experience in any accounting but I was still able to complete this course. I would recommend this class to anyone that is interested in accounting.”-Marianne Johansen

These Are Just a Few of Literally Hundreds of Testimonials.

Testimonials just like these, from those that have advanced their careers, started their own businesses and learned the keys to success in the accounting profession, and increased their income.

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