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The New Year is a perfect time to enjoy a fresh start for your practice.  As 2013 winds down, you should take some time to reflect, and consider ways to improve your business practices in 2014.  Here we examine 7 tips in preparing for the New Year and enjoying increased productivity and profitability as a result:

1. Revamp workplace. No, you don’t have to redecorate your office.  But we do suggest at least rearranging the furniture.  Giving a workplace a fresh, new feel will often inspire better performance.  This is the perfect time to consider a new coat of paint, or if necessary, a new office chair or filing cabinet.  Reflect on items you need, and then take advantage of holiday sales to purchase those items your office needs most.

2. Clean up computer files. While we often take the time to clean our workspace in order to present a professional image to clients and other visitors, how often do we clean up our computer files?  Although business associates may not be privy to how messy our virtual desktops may be, it does impact our ability to work efficiently and maintain valuable client records. 

3. Revisit damaged relationships. No one performs better while holding a grudge.  Whether they be personal or professional, the holidays present a perfect time to repair damaged relationships.  Take the time to apologize for any real or perceived offenses for which you may be responsible.   

4. Consider final tax benefits. Take advantage of holiday sales to purchase items your business will need next year; encourage your clients to do the same.  They’re deductible, and you should easily be able to stock up on furniture, supplies, and other equipment you use in your business.

5. Contact clients. Some businesses send holiday cards or even give gifts.  Whatever you do, it’s important that you remind clients of your services before the New Year begins. 

6. Implement new techniques and services. In this day and age, industries change and advance quite rapidly.  Now is a good time to research industry trends and determine how you might alter your business practices in order to keep up with the competition, or better yet, gain that competitive advantage.

7. Create your New Year business strategy. Every business should evaluate their standing and, based on scrutiny of past performance, create a strategy that will enable their practices to be more productive in the New Year.  As you assess your business’s performance, consider ways you might improve your marketing strategies, networking approaches, and work processes.  From there you can develop a list of resolutions that will make your business more profitable. 

QuickBooks Made Profitable

Consider enhancing your service offerings by using your QuickBooks expertise to generate more clients.  In QuickBooks Made Profitable (QBMP), UAC trains you how to build a wider client base by offering QuickBooks setup, help and consultation services.  Not only that, but you can offer free QuickBooks seminars in order to attract clients who might also find your accounting services beneficial.  The QBMP will teach you the following:

  • Getting Started Basics
  • Setting up a Company
  • Working with Lists
  • Setting up Inventory
  • Selling your Product Invoicing for Services
  • Processing Payments
  • Working with Bank Accounts
  • Entering/ Paying Bills
  • Using Other QuickBooks Accounts
  • Creating Reports, Creating Graphs
  • Tracking and Paying Sales Tax
  • Payroll interfaces with QuickBooks
  • Estimating
  • Time Tracking
  • Job Costing

For a minimal initial investment, you can grow your business and bottom line in the New Year.  Be ready for 2014.  Call Universal at 1-877-833-7909 to enroll in QuickBooks Made Profitable now!

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