PRESS RELEASE: Universal Announces its Approval as QAS Sponsor

QAS LogoUniversal Accounting (UA), the nation’s largest training organization for accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation, announced its approval as a sponsor of Quality Assurance Service (QAS) self-study courses.   The National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) established QAS to identify the highest quality providers of self-study courses that offer Continuing Professional Educational (CPE) credits.

In regards to sponsor approval, Allen Bostrom, president, and CEO of Universal Accounting Center said, “The QAS Program has high standards that ensure the student’s experience will be a valuable one.  We’re proud that our Professional Tax Preparer Program measures up to the scrutiny of NASBA.”

UA’s Professional Tax Preparer course enables students to become proficient in the completion of individual and business returns.  Its four modules include 1) Establishing the Tax Foundation, 2) Becoming the 1040 Expert, 3) Profitable Business Returns, and 4) Building Your Successful Tax Practice.  In addition, this program helps students adhere to new IRS regulations which include passing the IRS competency exams and earning required CPE credits.

The prestigious QAS designation demonstrates that Universal Accounting Center’s Professional Tax Preparer (PTP) Program adheres to 11 rigorous criterions.  Some of those requirements include the following:

  • Develop a program that falls within one, or more, of the CPE subject areas.
  • Use activities, materials, and other delivery systems that are current, technically accurate, and effectively designed.
  • Create learning activities that are based on relevant learning objectives that clearly articulate the knowledge, skills, and abilities to be achieved by course participants.
  • Engage authors who are qualified with respect to both program content and instructional methods used.
  • Elicit participant responses to test for understanding of the material, offer evaluative feedback for incorrect responses, and provide reinforcement feedback to correct responses.
  • Provide evidence of satisfactory completion of each program.

QAS approval enables the Professional Tax Preparer Program to be listed with NASBA as a quality CPE program sponsor.  UAC will also be able to use the QAS logo and approved sponsor language on all PTP promotional materials.

If you would like to learn how the Professional Tax Program can enhance your career, call Universal Accounting at 1-877-833-7909.

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