Renew Your Focus

We’re two days into the New Year, and you may be wondering how you recover from the holidays and get your business on the right track.  This may be the time to engage in serious self-reflection where you ask yourself if you’re where you’d really like to be.  If not, it’s time to reevaluate your career and determine what changes may be necessary.  Now is the perfect time to assess and determine the course of your professional future.

The following four actions will help you take charge of your career and take action to ensure you accomplish your professional goals:


In a recent article, author Jane Porter shares “7 Steps to Regaining Your Focus,” the first of which is to list your priorities.  It’s important that you take the time to consider what matters most to you.  Once you do, Porter explains, it’s easier to focus on what you should be doing because you’ve already determined what matters most.


You need to take the time and assess your current position.  What about it do you enjoy?  What about it do you wish were different?  Are you in the right industry or do you need to reconsider occupations?  In order for you to best prepare for an ideal future you need to consider all your options, not just those that are most convenient.  Think about starting your own accounting practice or earning additional income as a tax preparer.  Reflect on those things you enjoy and explore all the career possibilities that exist within that field.  And if necessary, do a little research.


Once you determine whether or not you want to stay in your current position you can refocus your attention.  What do you need to do to accomplish your career objectives?  Do you need to focus your energy and attention on earning a promotion, finding a new job, getting additional training, or exploring financing options for that accounting practice you would like to start?  After considerable reflection you can determine where to focus your professional efforts.  Consider making a To-Do list indicating what you must do in order to achieve your career goals.


You can reflect and plan all you want, but nothing happens unless you act.  It’s important that after you reflect and refocus you take the necessary steps to realize your goals.  If necessary, make them small and simple.  Pace isn’t as important as progress.

If you don’t take the time to evaluate your career, chances are you will keep plodding along at the same pace and in the same rut.  You deserve to enjoy your life’s work, and now is the perfect time to reflect and assess your current position.  Job satisfaction is a crucial element in your overall satisfaction of life.  Take some time today to reflect, refocus and act!

Financing a Small Business

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Porter, Jane.  “7 Steps to Regaining Your Focus.” 18 December 2012