Filling the Gaps

How the Accounting Profession May Respond to Talent Shortages

A ladder against a blue sky.Last December Robert Half International, a staffing and consulting firm, created The Financial Leadership Council in order to report on trends in the accounting, finance and audit professions. Recently they released a report entitled “Charting the Future of the Accounting, Finance and Audit Profession” addressing the projected shortage of talent in the accounting field.Universal Accounting Center has long been reporting that accounting is a sure profession with a bright future and endless opportunity. This new report confirms UAC’s assessment, expressing concern over the projected talent shortage while suggesting ways in which the profession can better attract and secure accounting professionals. The report also advices accounting professionals how to best prepare for changes in the industry.

Attracting and Retaining Skilled Professionals

The Financial Leadership Council advices employers to revise their recruiting practices in order to make even entry-level positions more appealing. Their suggestions include enhancing the branding of the accounting profession, showcasing exemplary professionals who successfully balance their families and careers while offering more career guidance, projects that promote growth, and challenging assignments mixed with routine tasks. The profession as a whole will be required to better understand what motivates and inspires this new generation of employees.

Preparing for Changes

And if you are looking to advance in the accounting profession, the council advices you to enhance your communication skills. Technological advances, including email and text messaging, will require the ability to communicate more, not less, effectively. And again, as UAC has consistently advised, an accountant’s ability to analyze financial information, to act as a profit and growth expert, and to inform business owners as they make crucial business decisions, will make them valuable assets to any organization. Finally, the council encourages accountants to improve their cultural literacy in order to increase their ability to function in a global economy.To request a free copy of this report, visit

The Professional Bookkeeper Program Can Help You Prepare

Universal Accounting Center has been helping individuals like you advance in the accounting industry for over 25 years. And one of the objectives of the Professional Bookkeeper Program is to train individuals to act as a company’s profit and growth expert, using the analysis of financial information to help small business owners make key decisions that will make their businesses more profitable.Not only that, but in receiving this training you enable yourself to start a small business of your own as a freelance accountant. Never has there been a time where skilled accountants are in such high demand. You can craft your own opportunity, either advancing in your current job or taking that leap to start your own accounting firm. The possibilities are truly endless.Start Today DVD logoNapoleon Bonaparte once said, “Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action has arrived, stop thinking and go in.” UAC recognizes your need to take the time to decide whether or not this program is for you. That’s why we’ve created a DVD designed to help you start your own accounting and bookkeeping practice. This DVD will introduce you to our program and how you can use the training to take advantage of all the opportunities in the accounting field. For less than ten dollars you can deliberate and then prepare for action before it’s too late. Don’t waste another day. Order now!