Save time and money by finding clients near home

This article explains an ingenious marketing strategy for finding new clients close to your home that can be used for starting your new accounting service, or growing an existing bookkeeping business.

Local businesses

If you are seeking clients, you will want to approach businesses in your community. Most people living within city boundaries will have virtually an unlimited number of businesses within a mile of their home.

Don’t believe it? Test it. Get a map of your community. Draw a circle encompassing the area within one mile of your home. Now, with pen and paper in hand, drive around within that circle and write down all the businesses you pass, including their addresses. Most people are amazed at how many companies are so close, and almost everyone of them are small businesses needing accounting services. You may want to reeview the top reasons your services are needed by businesses.

With this list, you will want to go to the library or city/county clerk’s office and obtain the owner’s name, mailing address, and type of business. This information is available to the public from the Business License records.

Now you are ready to mail out letters. This letter will look very similar to the letter you sent to your business contacts. It’s main difference is that it should emphasize the local community advantage.

By the way, don’t disregard franchise type businesses, mistakenly thinking they already have an accounting system. Only a few franchisers, provide accounting for their franchisees. Most franchisees are required to find accounting help in their area.

You will want to send out only ten letters per week; no more, — and no less. Initially, this might seem like a small number. That’s alright, because at first you will want to spend more time rehearsing and reviewing your presentations. Later, as you start setting up new clients, and follow up on past visits, ten letters will seem like a lot.

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