Sell Yourself in 60 Seconds


Create an Elevator Speech and Sell Yourself in 60 Seconds or Less

“So what do you do, anyway? “… Has anyone ever asked you that question before? It’sElevator Speech usually in a setting you aren’t expecting that from, and from someone that you didn’t think would ask. If you’ve ever stuttered through your answer, then the best thing you can do is to create a striking, clear, and succinct “elevator speech.” “Elevator speech, what the heck is that?” It’s a brief description, of you, your business and the services or products you provide, like a quick infomercial, that can be delivered in the usual time it takes an elevator to carry its occupants to their floor. It is an essential tool in the marketing of your accounting or bookkeeping business. And if honed and practiced, can be used to grow your business the way you want to. Like your business card, your elevator speech is a calling card of your business, and if you word it right, you can get the person who asks about your business interested in doing business with you. so that at opportune moments you can network effectively, explaining what you do and why you do it so well that everyone deserves to hear about it.

The Hook

So you can capture at the opportune moments, network with other business people effectively, while giving an interesting tidbit about your services you should begin your elevator speech with a hook that piques the listener’s interest and makes them want to hear more. Tactics on this vary as widely as there are people and different personalities. One way I heard used was, “Well, it’s not brain surgery, but can be a critical tool that will help keep your business alive and ticking…” Another hook I’ve heard, “What I do is not as complicated as rocket science, but to the average business owner it might as well be…” You can consider using a quote, sharing a quick anecdote, or asking a question. it’s something said “in the moment” (every moment someone asks) that is quick and not burdensome, and captures the attention of the listener right away.

The Conversational Tone

Your elevator speech should not be perceived as a sales pitch. Occupants would opt to walk up flights of stairs rather than be stuck in an elevator with a relentless salesperson. Think of your brief description as the introduction your business would give where it able to talk. It shouldn’t sound canned or monotonous.It should be exciting and engaging, communicating your passion for what you do and how well you do it. You should practice the speech so that it sounds natural and conversational. That it rolls off your tongue at a moments notice and in such a tone that is friendly and inviting. And it’s important that you not drone on and on. That’s why it should be no longer than 60 seconds. In fact, you may consider having two versions of your elevator speech: the 30-second version and the minute version. The elevator speech you deliver would depend on the given situation.

The Details

There’s nothing worse than asking a question and getting a vague answer is there? That is the same thing with your elevator speech. Without significant details, your elevator speech is generic and uninformative. More importantly it will turn people off to you and your services and products quicker than you can say “Shazaam!”. The main question you need to ask yourself is, “What do I do, that would be a great benefit to my potential customers?” If you have current customers, ask youself the same question, “What do I do that brings them back to me every week or month?” How do I make their business life better? Easier? More profitable? Other questions you can ask yourself is: What do you do that’s unique? What sets your services apart from others? Who are your clients and what problems do you solve for them? What could you do for the listener to make their lives better? When you have brainstormed on what you do and identified what it is that makes you the “bomb’ to your clientele, write it down, if it’s too long simplify it. If it’s like everyone else’s, use different verbs or adjectives to describe your business. Remember, this could be the only time you get a chance to peak the interest of that one person who could make all the difference to your business. Be ready for it.

The Request

You should always end your speech with a request. Will you ask for the listener’s business card? Will you ask them to take your card and give you a call if they’d like to learn more? Do you want them to refer their family and friends to you? You bet you do! So be in the moment and take care of it. You may decide to have optional requests in mind so you can end your speech with a request that responds best to that particular situation.

One tactic that has been found effective is right after you have given your elevator speech to ask them about what they do. Then once they have given you their “speech” ask them one or two additional questions about their business. Such as, “That’s an interesting industry, how many employees do you have? Or “How did you get into that interesting business?”. Better yet ask them a question that arises from their own elevator speech. Don’t make it to laborous, or take too much of their time with this, but after asking these questions, don’t hesitate in asking for their business card. By so doing, you become notched in their memory of someone that was interested in what they do. That could be all you would need for them to take your call or the appointment the next time you call on them.

A Final NoteElevator Button

While you can always give your speech in an elevator, the elevator speech is designed for any networking situation, places where you can introduce yourself and your business to potential clients. This may be at a convention, a conference, the grocery store, or the dentist’s office. Remember that anyone can be a potential client or can refer you to a potential client. And with your elevator speech on the tip of your tongue, you’re ready to sell yourself in any given situation with comfort and ease.

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