Social Networking: Using Facebook to Your Advantage


Facebook has definitely become one of the most popular social networking sites.  This free resource can be used as a marketing tool, enabling you to reach out to countless individuals in your local community.  This is also a great way for clients to casually refer your business to their friends and family.  But in order for your efforts to be successful, you should consider the following 6 tips:

1. Start slow.

Facebook can be a valuable tool for your business, but you don’t have to launch an extensive Facebook marketing campaign from the moment you create a page for your business.  Consider your initial objectives in using social media to promote your practice, and then focus on those features that will help you accomplish that.

2. Be creative.

Your use of Facebook doesn’t have to be strictly serious.  In fact, you may get more notice when you occasionally post amusing status updates.  On, Nick O’Neill explains, “Keeping your fans engaged is an important component of any good Facebook strategy.  How much time does it really take to come up with a clever status update?  If you’re like me then catchy ideas occasionally pop into your head (or at least ones that you think are clever) when you are on the go.  If you’ve configured your Facebook Page to work with your mobile device, you can instantly update your Page’s status while on the go.”

3. Network directly.

Most small businesses will have a fairly manageable number of contacts “like” their businesses.  If that’s the case, it will be easier for to contact individuals directly when they ‘like’ your page or comment on your wall.  Maintaining this direct contact can make or break your Facebook success.

4. Use Facebook features to your advantage.

In an article entitled “10 Do’s and Don’ts for Facebook Pages,” author Scott Gerber recommends utilizing all Facebook’s features to your advantage.  In fact, he suggests you not overlook the following:

    • Facebook Places. This fairly new feature enables you to alert your network when you’re working from or visiting a specific location. Gerber suggests offering your patrons incentives for checking in from your office.
    • Like Button. Place a like button in a highly visible location on your entry screen.
    • Create a Welcome Page. Instead of having visitors land on your Facebook wall, create a ‘Welcome’ page that is engaging and perhaps includes a ‘call to action.’  You can do this by including a promotional video or an offer to sign up for your mailing list.
    • Use the Tag Feature. Whether you’re adding photos or videos, be sure to tag those that are featured or included in the material.  The more you tag, the more exposure you receive.
    • Manage Customer Service. Using features such as Facebook’s Wall, forums, statues updates, chat and other features, you can respond to client concerns and/or questions.
    • Mobile Updates. As mentioned above, you can update your status when you’re out of the office by using your cell phone or other electronic device.

5. Avoid spamming.

With the ability to message all your contacts using facebook, it can be tempting to send a group email.  Don’t do it.  Nobody likes a spammer, so avoid the appearance of spamming.  It’s more effective to post promotional information as status updates.

6. Watch the clock.

Social networking sites can become a time drain if you’re not careful.  Watch how much time you dedicate to these sites and avoid becoming overly involved.  You can still reap the benefits of social networking without being logged on 24/7.

Many people visit Facebook more than once a day. Using this social networking tool, you could achieve greater exposure for your business while enhancing your ability to secure more clients.

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