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Brian Tracy, Chairman and CEO of Brain Tracy International, a personal coach and motivational speaker, has called 2006 another extraordinary year. He goes on to say:

The US economy has grown 30% in the last three years, since the tax cuts, and has leaped from $10 trillion dollars to a $13 trillion dollar economy, the biggest in the history of the world.

The OECD in Paris has rated the US as the “Most entrepreneurial country in the world.” Fully 42% of people working in America are working in businesses that were started in the last three years. The small and medium business sector is creating more than 90% of the new jobs in America , and in other countries throughout the world.

More people are making more money today than has ever occurred in human history. Economists are calling the 21st century the “Golden Age of Mankind.”

And the forecast looks great for the upcoming year! What better time to start your own small business and see it succeed. Now’s the time, when so many other small businesses are getting off the ground to provide a service and product each and every one of them need? If you’ve been waiting for a good time to move forward on your own dream of becoming an entrepreneur, today’s the time!

Bookkeeping and Accounting ServicesThe U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that by 2008 accounting jobs will increase by 20%! In addition they state, “Demand for full-charge bookkeepers is expected to increase as they are called upon to do much of the work of accountants. Those with several years of accounting or bookkeeper certification will have the best job prospects.”

Perhaps you currently offer tax services to a handful of clients in your spare time, during tax season. Perhaps you run a tax service full-time, year-round. Whatever the scenario, you can grow your business by offering accounting services, thus becoming a full-service financial provider. If you’ve found it difficult to keep busy year-round, adding accounting services to the menu will immediately change that. Some of your current clients will want you to perform accounting tasks as well. And when your new clients realize you also file personal and business returns, they’ll also enlist your tax services. If you were looking to grow your business in the upcoming year, now’s the time and accounting’s the way!

UAC’s Professional Bookkeeper ProgramNot only would you ride your own small business wave by opening your own accounting and tax service, but you could also ride the waves of other small businesses in your community. How? By offering small business accounting!

Over 85% of the opportunities in the accounting field are within small businesses. Universities prepare their students for corporate accounting which doesn’t address small business needs. More than 50% of small businesses fail, and much of that failure can be attributed to lack of accounting expertise. That’s where you step in. With expertise in small business accounting, you can help small businesses succeed.

At Universal Accounting, we understand the needs of the small business like nobody else. We’ve helped people like you advance their career in small business accounting for over 25 years. The Professional Bookkeeper Program is designed specifically to address the needs of small businesses, and Universal Accounting Center ’s small business accounting course is the most complete of anything else offered today. And depending on your schedule and situation, it will only take you 60 hours to complete. Imagine earning a professional designation in less than one month!

UAC Can Also Help You Get ClientsOne of the greatest challenges for many small business owners comes in the marketing. You may love working with numbers but groan at the thought of promoting your services and expertise. Universal Accounting Center understands this struggle and can help you eliminate it.

UAC has developed a turn-key marketing solution which will enable you to grow your business with our proven system. You could work for years on a marketing plan, hitting and missing, only to find your business growing at a snail’s pace. Imagine learning which marketing strategies work in just 48 hours!

The Universal Practice Builder is a 2-day workshop designed to teach you the art and science of getting clients. Top your Professional Bookkeeper Designation off with this guaranteed program where you’ll walk away with over 12 marketing strategies that you can implement immediately.

It Is The Year of the Small BusinessDon’t wait another day to realize your dream. If you’ve always wanted to run your own business, today’s the day to start. But don’t go blind! If you want to be fully prepared, then enroll in UAC’s Professional Bookkeeper Program and the Universal Practice Builder Workshop! There’s no better investment to make than in yourself! This next year promises to be a banner year for the small business owner. Will you be one of those basking in the success?

We are only able to offer this special pricing for the Professional Bookkeeper and the Universal Practice Builder Programs for a short time. The clock runs out January 27th at the stroke of midnight. Don’t delay making the decision that will change your career and jumpstart your practice!

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