Success Indicators (Part One of a Two-Part Series)


10 Common Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

Accounting Business SuccessIn order to become a trapeze artist you need a strong stomach, a good sense of balance and a lot of nerve.  Most occupations require their applicants to have a certain set of character traits.  The same goes for entrepreneurs.  Without possessing (or acquiring) some common characteristics, the prospect of starting and growing your own business will be tedious and, in some cases, impossible.

In this two-part series we share 10 common characteristics of successful entrepreneurs.  Where might you be lacking?  Here are the first 5 of 10 important traits:

1. Passionate

You may be able to launch your new business without passion, but why would you want to?  When you’re passionate about what you do, it makes some of the more tedious tasks more tolerable.  It also enables you to maintain your “vision” even when things get rough.  And passion is transparent; your prospective clients will feel and appreciate your enthusiasm.  Something about that engenders trust in your clientele.

2. Organized

Managing your own business requires organization.  If you are unable to locate key files efficiently, it will cost you time and money.  This is especially true for accountants.  Your reputation could be shot if you lose or misplace client information.  If organization does not come naturally to you, this is a trait that must be developed if your accounting practice is going to prosper.

3. Accessible

You must be easy to locate.  Otherwise your ability to secure and retain clients is threatened.  Ensure that you can be easily reached in a variety of ways: via phone, email, or in person.  Most small businesses can enhance their accessibility by having a professional website.  Such a website can act as a personal secretary dispensing information about your business 24/7.  If you have a website, ensure that the information it relays is accurate, up-to-date, and useful.  Include the URL on business cards and in promotional materials so that current and prospective clients can easily locate it.

4. Involved

Your presence and visibility in the community will promote your business more than you might imagine.  By joining the local Chamber of Commerce and other small business organizations, you can become known as the local accounting expert and will acquire many referrals as a result.  You can also volunteer in your community by providing free financial seminars and consultations.  While that may take some time, it’s a great marketing effort that will promote your business more positively than other strategies for which you may be budgeting.  Also, being viewed as an active member in the community will do wonders for your reputation as a trustworthy professional.

5. Progressive

Professionals enhance their expertise by participating in continuing education through conferences, workshops, and training opportunities.  To be seen as a competitive, competent and capable accountant, you have to continually hone your expertise, being current in your discipline and skill set.

UAC’s Training Programs Will Help You Gain That Competitive Edge

Universal Accounting Center offers the best accounting and bookkeeping training available.  As you start your business you want to edge out your competition by offering valuable services to potential clients.  Most of your competitors don’t offer specialized small-business accounting services.  But after completing the Professional Bookkeeper (PB) program, you can!  Consider a training program that is catered to your needs and busy schedule-one that will enable you to earn a professional designation after just 60 hours of your valuable time.

Further enhance your expertise by mastering Quickbooks, the software program used by more than 80% of small businesses owners.  Upon completing the Professional Bookkeeper’s Guide (PBG) to QuickBooks, you will be able to work more efficiently as you use all the features, functions, and shortcuts QuickBooks offers.  Not only will the PBG enable you to manage your own books more efficiently, but it can increase your bottom line as you add QuickBooks consultation, help and setup services to your menu.

Learn more about how Universal’s training programs can help you develop those characteristics shared by most entrepreneurs.  Visit UAC today!

Return next week when we share the final five characteristics of successful entrepreneurs.

6.    Respectable

7.    Time-wise

8.    Customer-oriented

9.    Shameless self-promoter

10.  An expert

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