The Benefits of Hiring “Mature” Employees

Perhaps it’s time to expand your practice and hire a support staff.  Or maybe, you’re looking to add to an already growing employee base.  Whatever the case, we’d like to suggest seeking out more “mature” candidates who may have more to offer your business than you might think.

Older applicants are generally concerned that their age might discourage people from hiring them.  Fear of age discrimination prevents many mature job-seekers from revealing age in their application packets.  In fact, in a recent article, Eric V. Holtzclaw says, “Once a worker turns 40, they are considered part of the aging population.  But that may be when many are hitting their stride, and reaching the pinnacle of their professional skill set.”

Unfortunately many businesses are more interested in hiring the up-and-coming big shots, which may not have as much to offer.  In his recent piece entitled “Hire Grandma: 5 Ways Older Workers Benefit a Business,” Holtzclaw details why you should consider hiring more mature applicants. Here we share 3 ways such a choice could enhance your practice:

1. Their benefits cost less. This may surprise you, but the truth is older workers generally have few to no dependents, which reduces insurance cost to you.  And in the event that you hire a senior, they’re already covered by Medicare and may opt out of your company plan.

2. They’re flexible.  Again, because older workers don’t usually have young children at home, they are more likely to continue working when other employees are rushing home to feed families and take children to events. This may enable you to offer consults to clients that are too busy to come during traditional business hours.

3. They’re wise. As Holtzclaw explains, “All the people they’ve met and the things they’ve learned over the years can still be applied in the business world today; many things in this world change, but people, at their core, remain the same.”  Also, “Mature employees can mentor younger employees.  Your team can benefit from the previous experiences of these seasoned workers.”

There are a lot of misconceptions about older employees, and if you’re thinking about hiring, it’s a good idea to reevaluate your previous assumptions and consider looking for more mature applicants to help build and advance your practice. 

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Holtzclaw, Eric.  “Hire Grandma: 5 Ways Older Workers Benefit a Business.” 16 January 2013