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Remind me… what’s a USP?

at-deskA USP or Unique Selling Proposition is that special something that sets you apart from the rest of your competition. It might be a super-duper product that nobody else has; Apple’s iPod would be a good example of a product that is a USP. When Apple Computer introduced the iPod, they were the only player on the market. Sure, there were other MP3 players, but not like the iPod. With memory that the others could only dream about and a user interface that was easy to use and install on your computer, the iPod became the product that others have to compare themselves to.

It might be an increased level of service; Burger King used to advertise that you could have your hamburger any way you liked it, no pickle, no lettuce, its okay with us. Have it your way! That was Burger King’s USP.

Don’t be concerned that you aren’t a big company and so can’t come up with a USP. You can… and you should. Maybe you make your accounting service available on the weekend, or early in the morning, or you offer something extra or different that most services don’t offer. That’s a USP.

There are a couple of guidelines for your USP…

A great USP will be:

  • Measureable
  • Comparable
  • Demonstrable
  • Quantifiable

To get the most out of your USP, your client will need to be able to measure and compare your Unique Selling Propoisiton to what they are presently doing. If a quantifiable difference can’t be demonstrated to your client, it’s not an effective USP. To have a USP that will work the hardest for you, it has to be specific. For example, let’s look at Burger King’s old USP. “We’ll make your hamburger any way you want it. Hold the pickle; hold the lettuce, special orders don’t upset us.” Their USP became more than a USP; it became the back-bone to their entire marketing plan.As you’ve considered your own USP, be measurable, comparable, demonstrable and quantifiable. Remember Burger King. They went beyond “we’ll make it the way you want; they went so far as to say they’ll take of the lettuce the pickle and any kind of special order is okay. Do they meet the above criteria?

How do I make my USP work for me?

Everything you say to your clients needs to reinforce your USP. Every ad, all of your invoices, every direct-mail piece you send out, everything, should have your USP integrated into it. It needs to be a part of every bit of advertising you do. Always.When you make sales calls on clients and prospective clients, you need to tell them what it is. You should be able to explain your USP in a clear and concise statement. As you meet with clients you should refer to the USP and what the benefits of your USP are to them. The benefits of Burger King’s USP are that you don’t have to eat your hamburger like everyone else. You will enjoy it more because you could have it made the way you like it. It will taste better and you will be happier.Anyone involved in your business needs to fully understand, embrace and believe in your USP. It’s not enough to know what it is. You’ve all got to embrace and believe it. If your USP is that you are the most meticulous bookkeeper on the planet and that will create fewer errors, but you don’t really believe it, your USP won’t work for your clients or you.

Every time you communicate with a client is time to reinforce the USP.

For example, as you go over the books at month’s end with your clients, you should remind them about the USP and how your USP benefits them. “Mr. Smith, you know that I consider myself to be a really meticulous person, I think you’ll find that this really benefits you because I am completely confident that there are no errors in your financial reports. The information that you are making financial decisions with is correct.”

Remember, if you’re gonna talk the talk, ya gotta walk the walk.

A USP means nothing unless you stand behind it 100%. As a final example, here at Universal Accounting we like to say that we are the only Bookkeeping and Accounting school that will actually prepare you to start your own Bookkeeping service. This is a USP.We don’t stop there though. We also offer this:

Universal Accounting’s Ironclad 100% Money Back Guarantee

“If, after completing all of the learning activities, you do not feel that youhave received your money’s worth, simply return the materials toUniversal Accounting Center, for a complete refund.

Not only is this USP measurable, comparable, demonstrable and quantifiable… it’s guaranteed. We stand behind it 100%.

Universal Accounting has the tools to help you market your business.

Part of the available curriculum available with the Professional Bookkeeper Program is an in depth course in proven ways to make your Bookkeeping practice healthy and profitable. Small business needs what a qualified Bookkeeper/Accountant has to offer. All you need to do is follow the link below and find out how rewarding and profitable a Professional Bookkeeping and Accounting service can be for you.Show me how a Bookkeeping and Accounting service could be right for me.

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