Universal Press Release: Accounting Center Announces Strategic Alliance with RedGear Technologies

Companies Partner to Help New Income Tax Preparer

Universal Accounting®, the nation’s largest training center for accounting, bookkeeping and tax preparation has partnered with RedGear Technologies®, a recognized industry leader in the development of tax related software, in a strategic alliance. The two companies have committed to create broader exposure of the compatibility and value of their complementary product lines.

“Many of our students are entering the self-employment market as freelance tax preparers – they’re looking for the tools that will best meet their needs,” said Allen Bostrom, a CPA and CEO of Universal Accounting Center.  “RedGear offers excellent tax preparation tools in their 1040Works and ArkWorks products at an advantageous price to enable our graduates to enter the market professionally and prepared.”

RedGear is equally ready to help the new tax preparer by providing tax preparation software, training, support, and resources at a value that will smooth the way for the new tax preparer.  “RedGear wants to make it easier for new preparers to enter the market competitively and empowered with the suite of software tools that will serve them for their entire career,” said Lynn Tenney, RedGear’s Marketing Communications Director. “Our mission is to deliver trusted, reliable and easy to use software at a great value.  By partnering with Universal Accounting Center, new preparers can gain the knowledge they need to prepare returns, handle client’s financial needs and learn marketing skills that will help them build their practice.”

To begin this venture, Universal and RedGear will jointly develop a free email newsletter that provides both marketing and production enhancing tips and tricks for tax preparer start-ups.


Universal Accounting offers seminars, interactive tutorial software, training guides and booklets, as well as personal coaching and even pre-packaged marketing programs to help its students be successful. Universal Accounting students are provided proven and achievable business models that allow them to make money, diversify their income and obtain financial security by starting their own business, and/or making their company more profitable.

Universal Accounting offers various training courses to meet students’ needs:


RedGear Technologies develops and supports software for professional tax preparers. The company has been in business for over 35 years and provides full-feature software at a competitive price. Online training, tutorials, reference manuals, and toll-free support are included. The RedGear product line includes TaxWorks, 1040Works, ArkWorks, Wage Reporting Online and TaxWorks Institute. More information is available at www.redgeartech.com or call 800.706-8261.