Value Builder™ Training

What You'll Learn

Value Builder™ (VB)

Do you Advise Business Owners? Add a New Revenue Stream To Your Services!

Seventy-six percent of business owners will exist there company in the next 10 years.  Learn how accounting advisors are leveraging the Value Builder System to capitalize on this exit book and expand their business offerings to help their clients.

Earn your certified Value Builder designation and create a predictable recurring revenue stream for your accounting firm.  The Value Builder System is designed to create a additional value added service to your traditional accounting services.  As a Certified Value Builder, you’ll have access to a suite of marketing resources to help you stand out in your market as the premier accounting service. You’ll also have access to Practice Builder, our free one-on-one training program designed to kick start the growth of your value-building accounting business.

Course Description

The VB designation will allow you to do the following:

✓ Demonstrate you have proven skills in business consulting and coaching

✓ Advance your career and potentially increase your wages/earnings helping you get paid what you are worth

✓ Place “VB” after your name, distinguishing you from other business coaches and consultants

✓ Raise your value to your company or clients

✓ Practical real-life hands-on emphasis with training in multiple industries using video instruction that you can do at your own pace (very flexible)

✓ Professional Support (academic and practical) Now is the time to be trained in this growing profession that affords you the opportunity to give back to the business community confidently as a certified value builder. You will become competent in the 8 Drivers that ensure the most value in business.


Virtual Training

Self-paced course – only 16 sessions (8 hours) of training to complete.

  • The Value Builder System Overview
  • The Value Builder Assessment
  • The Owner’s Trap
  • The Customer Score
  • How a Company’s Growth Rate Impacts Its Value
  • The Automatic Customer
  • The Monopoly Control
  • How To Get “Discretionary Effort” from Employees
  • How Dependencies Impair Value
  • The Customer Score 6 Months Later
  • How Cash Flow Impacts Valuation
  • Why Your Client Needs a Shortlist
  • Starting With Why
  • Turning On and Configuring a Value Builder Engagement
  • How To Use a Value Builder Engagement For a Client
  • Marketing Materials Available To You

Convenient At-Home Learning

This program is only available with The Value Builder System™ and delivered through online easy-to-follow instructional videos and workbooks. You have the flexibility to complete the courses on your own time, in a way that fits your life and business goals. Even though you may be training from the comfort of home or office, you are far from doing this on your own. You’ll have access to the support of knowledgeable accounting & business coaches to mentor and help you.  Each works with business owners and some also have their own successful accounting firms.  In addition you’ll also interact with other experienced accounting professionals throughout your course and beyond.

  • Prerequisite – enroll in the Profit & Growth Expert (PGE) program for an introduction to the Value Builder program.  Future enrollment in SmartStart (RocketLaunch, and CoachMaster) directly with The Value Builder System™ to become certified is encouraged.


Offered by The Value Builder System™

• 16 Lessons with training videos
• Clock Hours: 14
• Designed to be done in 1 week
• Interactive sessions with exclusive bonus content
• Online access, anywhere, anytime
• The opportunity to certify your skills
• Related Coaching & Support

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Laura Ferguson





John Tam





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