What is Color Accounting?

The world of accounting and financial analysis is ever-broadening. By honing your skills and expanding what you know about your field you can increase your personal profits or become an invaluable asset to your company. How sharp are your skills? Could you use an augmented refresher course?

If you’re an accountant re-entering the field, changing jobs, struggling with a new challenge, thinking of striking out on your own, or preparing to embark on a career change to accounting or bookkeeping, it might be the perfect time to consider Color Accounting.

What is Color Accounting?

Color Accounting is a self-study workshop designed to teach the essentials of accounting and bookkeeping in a fast and simplified format. The foundational principles of accounting can be complex and difficult to grasp or retain, especially if you’re a highly visual individual. Color Accounting uses color, diagrams, shapes, graphs, and simple practices to illustrate how accounting works on a micro and macro scale.

How Can Color Accounting Help?

Color Accounting is frequently reviewed as the best course accountants and MBA students have ever taken, because it compiles and explains the most fundamental parts of business accounting in a way that anyone can process and master. Color Accounting can help you understand accounting and business financials if you’ve struggled in your business courses or you want to sharpen your accounting skills.

Who Benefits from Color Accounting?

Color Accounting is perfect for any individual who wants to be better with their business mathematics. Everyone from seasoned accountants to brand new students have taken Color Accounting with glowing reviews and real-life application. Color Accounting can boost your skills to prepare you for a raise or to transition into running your own accounting firm. Color Accounting can help new or struggling students, or especially those who have taken a hiatus from accounting or bookkeeping and are returning to the field.

How Do I Certify in Color Accounting?

Color Accounting is one of the many robust courses offered by Universal Accounting School. Color Accounting is a self-study workshop that you take wherever you are, on your own time. It can count for credit and you may be eligible for scholarships or financial aid. Color Accounting begins with a box of educational materials mailed to your home or business, then hands on practice, videos, and help. This makes it the perfect option for anyone needing an edge in their accounting practice.

If you think Color Accounting might be right for you or you’re interested in more information, give us a call or live chat with us today. We can help you become a master accountant.