What is Your Network Worth?

In recent newsletters we have spoken about networking strategies and the need to update and maintain a date base as a platform for marketing activities.

Have you ever considered the value of your network of clients, contacts, suppliers and mentors? If you are the same as the majority of business owners, the answer is a resounding “no”.

Well – what is the value of your network. A simple “lots” answers this question. Our network has been developed and nurtured over a period of many years from an amazingly wide range of contacts.

Could you imagine conducting business without your network. To say the least it would be most difficult. People who commence business without the benefit of a network like yours can really suffer – one of the major benefits of purchasing a franchise business is the fact that it comes with its own built in network and there is no need to “re-invent the wheel”.

Once you begin to appreciate just how important your network is, you begin to realize that you should not only cherish it but also regularly communicate with members of your network and be on the lookout for additional members with whom you can conduct business or who can help you in other ways. Obviously this is a two way street and you should also be focussing on ways which you can be of assistance to members of your network without considering what they can do for you.

Your own network is the final outcome of all your networking activities and, as such, forms a vital part of your total marketing efforts. With this in mind it is something which should always be on your mind.

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