Wondering how to start an accounting business? Here’s Universal Accounting’s free tools


Wait, free tools to start an accounting business? Like, free, $0.00, no fee, free? Yes, you can jump on the path to owning an accounting business today with Universal Accounting School’s Turnkey Business Plan.


Here’s a preview of what you’ll learn from Universal Accounting School President Roger Knecht in this free video course. Did we mention it was free?

The Four Pillar Process to Starting an Accounting Business

Pillar 1: The Business Plan

Like anything in life, you’ll never get to where you want to be without some planning. In this course, you’ll learn all of the basics you need to know to get started, even if you’ve never ran a business before in your life. Knecht outlines your options to start an accounting business, whether you want to establish a small firm or work as a sole practitioner from home – it’s all covered. You’ll also dive into the important metrics you’ll use to monitor and ensure things move in the right direction at your firm.


Pillar 2: How to Price

Here, Knecht explains the different forms of billing you can offer clients, from hourly to value-based and everything in-between, as well as pros & cons to give you the full picture. This is where you’ll learn the most profitable and professional way to price your services.


Pillar 3: Marketing and Sales

This course is all about how to position yourself as a valued advisor – not just another service provider. Knecht walks you through how to stay ‘Top-of-Mind’ with your clients without appearing ‘spammy’ or desperate! He also explains the ​Learn the ‘Ladder’ approach to sales – providing tiers for your clients, leading to long lasting relationships.


Pillar 4: Mapping It All Out

The last pillar is where the first three come together into an achievable action plan that you can begin putting into practice immediately. Knecht gives you the five main principles of running a profitable accounting practice with competence and confidence. Anyone can do this.


But with Universal Accounting School, you don’t have to do it alone. Sign up for the course online, and know that Universal’s coaches will give you the training and support you need to start an accounting business that will be successful and sustainable beyond your initial takeoff. For quick questions and answers, call 877-801-8080 to learn more about Universal Accounting School’s programs.



Developing the Skills to Start an Accounting Business

OK, so if you’re still here and not watching the free courses (FREE), let’s dive in further to what it takes to get an accounting business started and show you how Universal Accounting School will help you along your way. To start an accounting business, you need to have a strong foundation in accounting principles and practices. While you don’t necessarily need a degree in accounting to start your own business, you do need to have a solid understanding, especially of the basics of bookkeeping.


Universal Accounting School’s video courses can help you develop the necessary skills to start and run an accounting business. The courses cover vital areas of small business accounting, tax preparation, and business fundamentals, which are all essential for building a successful accounting practice.


Professional Bookkeeper (PB) and QuickBooks Specialist (QS) courses are also available, which can provide you with the confidence and competence to offer quality bookkeeping and accounting services. Additionally, the QBO Bootcamp covers QuickBooks Online, which is a popular accounting software used by many small businesses. UAS also offers free e-books to get your training started.

Building a Support Network

Starting an accounting business can be challenging, but having a strong support network can make a big difference. A support network can include mentors, fellow entrepreneurs, and industry associations. Universal Accounting School provides ongoing support to its students, including access to a network of professionals in the accounting industry. The school also offers ongoing training and support to help students build and grow their accounting businesses.


You can also join Universal Accounting’s Facebook group to get tips from professionals in the field. But there’s nothing quite like the one-on-one attention you’ll get from Universal Accounting’s industry experts if you enroll in the video courses.


Universal Accounting School has helped students since 1979 with its turnkey process to starting an accounting business. Start on the path to achieving your lifestyle goals with Universal Accounting’s courses today by calling 877-801-8080. Or, set a time to chat when it’s best for you.

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