Your Most Valuable Business Asset-YOU

It’s amazing how much mileage you can get from a little confidence. As an accountant you’ve probably spent a lot of time determining your most valuable business assets and how to preserve them. But have you considered how to secure and improve the one asset around which everything else revolves? YOU. Without you, there would be no accounting practice. There would be no clients. There would be no income. It’s time you acknowledged your value in order to advance your business to the next level.Trust your instinctsWhile your impressions may seem somewhat whimsical, remember that you have experience and training which informs your instincts, giving them great value. You need to learn how to trust them as you move forward and advance your business. This means attending to those impressions as you interact with clients, peers, and other professionals within your community. Start with the small impressions first. Once you gain confidence in your instincts you’ll be able to move on to bigger and better things.Be yourselfAccountants are known for being reclusive and somewhat introverted. If this describes you, we’re guessing you may feel somewhat uncomfortable when interacting with clients and other professionals. But it’s important that you be yourself. Doing so may make you feel self-conscious, but you’ll come across as genuine and trustworthy, two traits greatly admired in business-more so than a good sense of humor and witty dialogue.Value your own servicesIf you’re not charging what you are worth, you don’t value your own services. Without saying a word your clients will sense a lack of confidence and will devalue your work as a result. When you come to recognize just how much you’re worth, you will exude self-assurance and promote your practice with ease. You’ll find you don’t have to negotiate your fees as often and you will begin to attract clients willing to pay for quality work.Talk yourself upDon’t apologize for what you do or how much you charge to do it. Once you come to value your own services you’ll find this step becomes much easier. You’ll welcome opportunities to talk about what you do and how well you do it. You’ll recognize that you’re only providing potential clients with the opportunity to benefit from your services.Invest in yourselfYOU are your most valuable asset. It makes sense that you would invest in yourself. Consider ways you can improve your skills and become even more valuable to clients. This may require that you receive additional training, earn credentials, and learn new skills.Universal has a DVD 4-Pack designed to introduce you to all the valuable services we offer, each and every one of them intended to enhance your accounting career. This power pack includes:

Introduction to the Professional Bookkeeper Program. Learn how becoming a Professional Bookkeeper will improve your accounting skills, enabling you to expand your business and become a full-service financial provider.Yes Sample Marketing CD. Learn how to introduce your services to a potential client. Use this either for role playing, watching it while meeting with your client or passing them out.Start Today and Have Your Own Bookkeeping Service. Learn how to make over $80,000 per year working from home while getting more clients than you can handle. Know how to charge your client so you can afford to take that next vacation while they get such a great deal they will be telling all their friends about you.The Art and Science of Getting Clients. Learn how to get more clients by using our proven methods.

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