Become a Tax Professional and Increase Your Business’s Longevity

By this time next year you could be knee-deep in tax returns, making as much money in four months’ time as you might an entire year bookkeeping.  Within a few short weeks you could easily become a full-service financial provider by gaining valuable tax preparation skills.  Not only will this keep you busy year-round, but it will increase your income significantly.  Not many business owners anticipate experiencing a substantial increase in profitability this year.  You could be one of the few that do.

A Recession-Proof Profession

In these tough economic times, there’s no profession with greater job security than tax preparation.  Nearly every adult needs to submit a return yearly.  This makes your prospective client base vast.  And with regular and complex changes to the tax code, most individuals and small businesses look to a competent professional to file their returns.  Those competent professionals charge upwards of $75 per hour.

We’re guessing you already have a handful, if not more, accounting clients.  Tax preparation is a complementary service which would appeal to many of your current clients.  You already manage all their financial data; it would be a natural transition for them to have you prepare their tax returns as well.  In this, you could begin making money as a tax preparer quite easily without increasing your marketing efforts.

How Simple Is It?

By taking UAC’s Professional Tax Preparer program, you will learn all you need to know to handle just about any individual or business return you might encounter.  The four volumes of printed manuals combine with the four sets of DVDs to provide clear explanations of the broadest range of basic tax concepts, with specific examples of how these concepts apply to real taxpayers.  This program also includes hands-on practice with actual IRS tax forms, practical tips for tax professionals and their clients, and multiple-choice quizzes to test your knowledge.

The four modules that comprise this course are as follows:

    Module 1: Establishing the Tax Foundation

    Module 2: Becoming the 1040 Expert

    Module 3: Profitable Business Returns

    Module 4: Building Your Successful Tax Practice

      We believe that the Professional Tax Preparer course is not only the best tax training on the market but the best tax training course of its kind, bar none.  By enrolling in this stellar course you will be able to change the nature of your business, enhancing your profitability, and perhaps, ensuring your practice’s ability to survive the recession.  As you enhance your service offerings, you take an offensive stance in the current market while many of your competitors have already retreated to a defensive position.  You gain a competitive edge and secure your success in a tentative economy.  That’s a win-win scenario.

      This reasonable investment will provide you will long-term results and a significant return.  Take advantage of our newly updated course materials and enroll now!