Get A Better Job or Promotion

Get a Better Job or a PromotionWhat better way to prepare for a better job or promotion than the education that will give you the confidence and competence to advance your career.

Business Card for Professional Bookkeeper, a certified Professional Tax Preparer, and a certified QuickBooks Specialist.Whether you are working in a clerical or bookkeeping position in a small company, or as part of the accounting department in a large company, or in an accounting firm, Universal Accounting courses can solidify the knowledge and skills you have and fill in all the blanks as you become a certified full-charge Professional Bookkeeper, a certified Professional Tax Preparer, and a certified QuickBooks Specialist.

You are just a few weeks away from being qualified for a promotion within your current company, a better job with a different company or firm, and all the added job satisfaction, prestige and increased income that goes along with it!

Earn up to $18,360 per year more!According to, the median wage for a clerical position is $14.00 per hour with a low of $10.99 per hour and a high of $19.51, while a full charge bookkeeping position pays a median of $18.00 per hour with a low of $13.40 and a high of $28.69.   Annualized, you can make $4820 more as a full charge bookkeeper and up to $18,360 at the high end!

A full charge bookkeeper can make up to $18,360 per year more than an accounting clerk!

Also, realize the breadth of knowledge you get about all the unique aspects of accounting for 11 different industries that are covered in the Professional Bookkeeper Certification Course (PB), and the Professional Bookkeepers Guide to QuickBooks Course (QS), and it could be even more as it could advance you from a low pay position to a high pay position, to make your pay increase even more dramatic!

Add to that, the ability to also provide tax planning and tax preparation by completing the Professional Tax Preparer Certification Course (PTP) and, who knows?  You can even do some tax preparation for family and friends on the side at an average of $150 per return.

Take advantage of our proven Job Placement Assistance Program (PB, QS and PTP Programs).  As a student and or graduate of Universal Accounting’s Professional Bookkeeper program they may be assigned to an Employment Coach with 5 specific sessions to be assisted with:

  • Resume Preparation – Assistance via email in the review and development of a resume to secure interviews
  • Resume Placement Assistance – Helping to identify possible employers and accounting related positions by following a weekly routine
  • Interviewing Technique Review – Role play advice and suggestions to improve the success of interviewing opportunities.

“This course is highly recommended for everyone looking for a job or even in employment now. The course provides valuable information that is not out there not even on google search. I appreciate the fact that Roger is an interviewer and telling us from experience what these companies are looking for. He actually, laid down what is needed from the creation of a resume to the last point after the interview.” – George Agblom

So what are your perfect program options to get a better job or a promotion?

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