Is the Perfect Work-Life Balance a Myth?


We’ve posted numerous articles on the art of balancing work and family life, some of them targeted to female professionals.  But what if there’s no such thing?  Darla Beggs, President of NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners), asks women to “stop trying to achieve it all.”  And while she’s not advocating that women sacrifice their dreams for the greater good of their families, she is suggesting that we surrender the unrealistic ideal that a perfect balance is achievable.   

In her SmallBizTrends article entitled “There’s No Such Thing as ‘Perfect Work-Life Balance’,” CEO Anita Campbell shares suggestions Beggs offered in a recent interview on better managing the tricky balance.  Here we share three of her four tips:

1. Quit striving for “perfect” 50-50 work-life balance.  Some days you’ll have to give more time and energy to your career, and other days you’ll have to dedicate more to your family.  There’s no perfect split that can be attained.  Beggs explains, “I don’t think a perfect balance is possible.  It’s really an individual question.  It’s not a matter of finding the perfect mix of work-life balance, but what is the right work-life balance for you as an individual business owner – in your life.”  She suggests you simply find the balance that’s right for you and allow it to fluctuate when necessary.

2. Stop the perpetual to-do list.  Some professionals feel that the work day should be filled with only work-related activities, but it’s important that you dedicate a little bit of time to yourself every day.  Whether that’s taking a moment to read a favorite magazine while you drink some tea, meditate or talk to a friend, be sure you prioritize a little downtime for yourself.

3. Admit that you can’t know everything about running a business.  A recent survey of men and women business owners performed by NAWBO and Ink from Chase found that many business owners are influenced by mentors (51%), peers (67%), and other small business owners (53%).  But when and how often business owners seek this help seems to depend on gender and business experience.  Beggs said that women seek help when their businesses are young—6 months to a year—but following that they assume they should know everything and stop asking for help.  She states, “People ask me what it takes to be successful in business.  What it takes to be successful is knowing what you don’t know—and finding experts to help you.  There’s no way you can know everything in running a business.”

There is no such thing as perfection, even when it comes to a work-life balance.  All you can do is what you consider to be best for your career and your family, releasing yourself from all unrealistic expectations.  But you can “plan” better for your future.

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Campbell, Anita.  “There’s No Such Thing as ‘Perfect Work-Life Balance’.”  21 October 2014

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