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Professional Tax Preparer™ Business CardGet the quality tax training you need and certify your skills as a Professional Tax Preparer and use the “PTP” designation after your name. With this program, you’ll become proficient in the planning and preparation of both individual and business returns.

What a year, global pandemic (covid-19 / Coronavirus) and economic crisis have coupled together to create an unprecedented opportunity to turn lemons into lemonade.  Help individuals and businesses with the soon to be available tax relief as a skilled tax professional.

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Thank you for your interest in Universal Accounting® and congratulations on making a positive move toward improving your opportunities this year to get paid what you are worth! A knowledgeable Universal Accounting® Advisor will be in touch to answer any questions you may have and help you determine the right program path for you. Please take the call and know that we look forward to learning more about you, your experience, education, and background as well as your goals for the coming year.

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