Take Advantage of Tax Season

Are You an Accountant Not Doing Taxes?

This Time of Year is Still The Best Time to Get Clients! So here you are sitting there in the office during tax season wondering how am I going to grow my business this time of year? Isn’t it just those that are doing tax preparation the only ones that benefit from the yearly business filing with the IRS? No, now is the time that you can strike while the iron is hot! How so?Right now is the perfect time, when business owners are concentrating on what they need to be complying with the federal government. It’s now they are realizing what they got, and in most cases, what they didn’t get from their previous accounting solution. It’s right now that they have seen their numbers, and realized that only if they had done this or that in their accounting that they could have saved on taxes and fees and possible penalties from doing their accounting wrong.It is right now that you can get their attention, gain that appointment and close on the account as the Profit Expert they need. With the expert marketing training you receive from Universal Accounting, you will be able to capitalize on this heightened awareness of business owners with their finances. It is the perfect time to grow your accounting business!The key to growing your business is hitting a niche that has not been saturated by others providing the same service or product. A niche which is a necessity for the buyers of the service to function at their best. On all accounts, no pun intended, this describes to a “t” what you are looking to do right now with your accounting business. The field is ready to be harvested; now all you need to do is gain the tools needed to gather them into your profit coffers.Universal has developed along with their Professional Bookkeeper Program a highly specialized marketing program, formulated for the accounting business owner detailing the easy steps and methods to be done to get the clientele on your books. We call it the Universal Practice Builder. In this 2-day marketing “boot camp” you learn from those who have tested, and proven the system not only works, but can be duplicated over and over again in any size marketplace you might be in! You will be personally tutored by the Universal Experts on how to gain 1-3 clients per week and increase your yearly billable hours by at least $30,000 guaranteed. Think you could use a raise of $30,000?

Let’s get a real time example, estimating low, say in the next 12 weeks you are able to gain just one client a week at a rate of $400 per month. That’s an extra $4800 per client a year and an overall gain of over $57,000 over 12 months. Recently this formula has been proven once again by one of our students out of New Jersey who within one month from attending the workshop gained 11 new clients increasing his monthly billing by $4,400; that’s an increase of $52,800 a year! Do you want to see profit growth like that?? You can with Universal’s Practice Builder!

Universal Accounting has seen this trend, and is ready to offer to you a tax season special on the acclaimed Universal Practice Builder Program. This program is designed to get you into the office of your potential client and to see your bottom line profits increase. You too can realize the increases seen by our students of this highly specialized workshop. Couple that with the best training for small business bookkeeping and you have a winning combination!We are only offering this Professional Bookkeeping program and Universal Practice Builder 2 Day Workshop combination for a limited time. Ending January 27th at the stroke of midnight this low introductory offer will no longer be available to take advantage of. Make sure you click below to get started today with Universal’s Professional Bookkeeper’s Program and the Comprehensive and easy to follow Marketing Program, the Universal Practice Builder. Do it today! Seminar.

Already have or completed the PB course and interested in just the Universal Practice Builder? If you call us toll free 1-888-265-4002 right now and ask for more information on the next Universal Practice Builder Seminar you can get The UPB 2-Day Seminar at a price for as little as $1695, that’s 33% off! That’s toll free 1-888-265-4002 and when you are talking with the Marketing Coordinator ask about how we can pick up your airfare for the next Workshop.