Turning Unemployment into Lemonade

Whether you get fired, laid off or are forced to resign, losing a job is difficult.  It can cause significant stress and a considerable financial burden if you don’t move through it quickly.  But can a kick in the teeth really, as Walt Disney once said, be the best thing in the world for you?   While it may not seem so initially, you can take this lemon and turn it into lemonade. 

Here are some things you should do if you find yourself in this trying situation:

1. Take care of the basics. Depending on the circumstances, you do have rights and can and should take advantage of unemployment benefits.  Contact the HR department and see what their policy is regarding severance pay, accrued vacation, sick leave, pension, benefits, and unemployment insurance.  Also remember that in some cases the employer is responsible for giving you the resources necessary to find new employment; often this includes access to a computer, printer, fax machine, and long distance phone services.

2. Maintain a positive outlook. Keep your chin up.  This might be the most difficult thing to do once you’ve lost a job.  But we assure you that it will make your journey much easier, enabling you to adjust your career path more quickly and find a destination that is pleasant and favorable.

3. Assess your goals. Now is a good time to ask yourself what you really want from your career.  Perhaps this job loss is simply the chance for you to redirect your journey and get back on the right path.  Did you enjoy the job in the first place?  Had you been imagining a different future with a different company?  Or were you thinking about launching your own financial practice?  This is your chance to pursue goals that align with your true aspirations.

4. Consider self-employment. On that same note, if running your own accounting practice has been something you’ve wanted to pursue, maybe now is a good time to look into that a bit more.  Consider what you may need to do in order to accomplish that dream.  Perhaps it includes continued training, certification, and marketing help, all of which Universal Accounting Center is happy to help you with. 

Universal’s Professional Bookkeeper Program Can Help You Rebound

UAC has designed a training program specific to the needs of small businesses, where you’ll find the majority of opportunities as a contract accountant; it’s the most complete small business accounting course anywhere.  Regardless of your current skill level, this course can help you learn everything you need to know to set-up, manage and analyze a small business’s accounting system.  In addition, the Professional Bookkeeper Designation assures clients that you have been properly trained in small business accounting and possess the expertise necessary to manage their finances.  

If you’re looking to recover from job loss, consider taking charge of your professional future by launching an accounting practice.  Call Universal at 1-877-833-7909 to enroll in the PB program now.