Universal Accounting Center LIVE Launch Training Workshop 2022

Rather than leave the success of your business to chance, along with your enrollment in Universal Accounting Center’s program(s) you have the opportunity to be in business both for yourself but not by yourself.  Regardless of the accounting services (bookkeeping, accounting, tax, consultative) you are offering you are invited to join us for this deep dive into your business.  Whether you are in the process of starting or building your business you need to join us for this two-day intensive on May 16th and 17th 2022.

The focus of this event is to help you work ON your business applying the principles of MAP!  The agenda will target the following areas as they related to your business:

  • Marketing – Finding the Ideal Clients
  • Sales – Nurturing them to see you as the expert you are to pay you for your services
  • Accounting – going beyond accounting, becoming for your clients that trusted strategic advisor they need
  • Production – on-boarding your clients with ease, working efficiently and offering value to retain your clients with confidence
  • and MORE!

This is your opportunity to build the premier accounting firm in your area!

  • Become engaged with a community of 1000’s of successful peers running their accounting businesses giving your knowledge, support.
  • Participate in the most advance training, making you the leading industry expert as an Accountrepreneur.
  • Leverage the #1 brand in the world as a certified accounting professional, giving you instant authority.
  • Learn how to best us the “done-for-you” marketing and revenue tools, making you stand out and get paid what you are worth.

As part of your training, you’ll have the opportunity to meet our team, your peers and work ON your business.  It’s time to become an Accountrepreneur!

Leave with a clear business plan, pricing strategy, and service offering to your clients.  Identify your next steps from marketing & sales, accounting services, and workflow to onboard, work and retain your clients.  This is your retreat to work ON your business to have the premier accounting firm.

REGISTER NOW To Attend Our LIVE 2 Day Intensive Workshop

Invitation to Attend the LIVE Launch Training Session

– LIVE training for accounting professionals with an emphasis to build a full-service accounting firm

Attend this 2-day event to best understand and integrate traditional accounting services coupled with value added consultative offerings within your company and then with your clients.  Upon enrollment you will pick the event you’ll be attending. (your personal travel arrangements & accommodations are separate) Prior to your arrival, you will work with your personal coach and mentor to prepare for the training.

The Accountrepreneur’s Forum

  • Date: May 16th & 17th outside of Salt Lake City, Utah
    • 8am to 9pm on Monday, 8am to 5pm on Tuesday
    • Monday – Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Included, Evening Social Activity Included
    • Tuesday – Breakfast & Lunch
  • Location: To Be Announced
  • Suggested Airport: Salt Lake International Airport (SLC)
  • Suggested Stay or Hotels: To Be Announced

Register now and let’s work ON your business together. (Additional tickets for guests are available at a discount to cover food, supplies, and entertainment)

Universal Accounting is out to help accountants and bookkeepers to understand how to market their trade and to help their business clients become profitable. The training and programs are great. The materials and the presentations were very easy to follow and enlightening. All the presenters, the staff were great. It is comforting to know that I have this great company (UAC and staff) to provide support to me if I need it or falter. Thanks for a great job.” – Anthony Awotwi

Know this, unless you take the time to pause and work ON your business the day-to-day task may consume you.  Yes, you’ll be busy but will you be building the business you’ve wanted.

It has now been only two years since I invested in the Universal Accounting Program. I purchased the whole system including Bookkeeping, Tax, QuickBooks and Universal Practice Builder. In addition I also purchased the coaching.

At that point I had just opened Expert Tax Solutions, Inc and focused on tax accounting, bookkeeping and QuickBooks. In three short tax seasons I have built up to over 250 new clients from ground zero. It is a dream comes true. In addition to this I now have six new bookkeeping clients and numerous consulting jobs with Quick Books clients.

I just have to let you know that I don’t think I would have had the guts to pursue this dream if it were not for your program. The training is wonderful, but the coaching is necessary as well. The confidence that I received from the knowledge that if I really encounter something that is beyond me, there was a team to coach me through it was the key to my success.

My tax practice is now approaching $50,000 in revenue in the third tax season. You were right! The demand is unbelievable for good, conscientious tax professionals, this I know first-hand! Thanks again for being such an important part of my business success! I am glad I invested it has really paid off! – Lori Rademacher, President


What’s important is that you are building your business, offering the services you want.

Whether this is a part-time supplemental income, a full-time primary income, you’re a solo-entrepreneur or building a firm with employees this IS the place you need to be to ensure your success.

This is your chance to become another SUCCESS STORY which we would love to share with others.  It’s the testimonies of 40+ years of students that empower us to keep going.

Now is the time to Seize the Moment!  Join us and we look forward to meeting and working with you on your business.

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