Universal Bookkeeper International Press Release

The time is now to train and certify accounting professionals in Africa.  By 2030, it is estimated that one of every four people aged 15–24 will live in Africa, according to the United Nations. This demographic trend has ushered in a new era of rising demand for higher education and study abroad, across the African continent.

With that in mind Roger Knecht, president of Universal Accounting Center said; “As capital and investments are brought to the various countries in Africa the concern for corruption and fraud is great.  To address this problem accounting standards are paramount thus requiring the need for quality training and certifications which Universal Accounting Center can offer.”

The World Bank recently placed special emphasis on working with countries across Sub-Saharan Africa to help them meet their human capital goals. As such they’ve stated that investing in Africa’s people is central to ensuring the continent’s future prosperity and its full participation in global markets.

Jay Amaran, Formerly of the World Bank stated that “Human Capital Development allows everyone to reach their full potential and is increasingly becoming recognized as a primary driver of a nation’s economic growth.”

Accounting is the fundamental backbone of sound businesses. Trained bookkeepers help to ensure the accounting processes are followed and can help businesses to achieve financial viability through sound fiscal management. In addition, bookkeepers trained in the day-to-day application of accounting principles can help to reduce corruption and ensure there are competent accountants available to businesses on the rapidly growing African continent.

Related to this, Michael DiMauro, president of LPI Learning explained that “the positions that are created through this endeavor will help to stimulate the huge potential economic growth of Sub-Saharan Africa through entrepreneurship and self-employment opportunities in the accounting field.”

The objective of this project is to train African bookkeepers in proven accounting principles to provide the foundation for economic growth. To introduce best practices in the day-to-day application of accounting for small & medium-sized businesses in Africa. It will be delivered through a combination of an intensive hands-on “train-the-trainers” program to provide local instructors the confidence and competence to teach effectively and live classes to local students.

Universal Accounting International, Inc. plans to establish partnerships with universities in Africa, which will provide local training sites for this program. Universities with exiting accounting & bookkeeping courses will be targeted initially for this program, which may be expanded to future accounting specific training centers led by former trainers and students over time.

Participating organizations include:

  • Universal Accounting Center, the largest bookkeeper training company in the world
  • LPI Learning, a leading provider of global education, personalized learning, and creative problem
    solving development
  • Fundware, one of the oldest businesses in Africa, with a footprint in 45 of the 54 nations

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For nearly 40 years Universal Accounting Center has offered premier training to professionals wanting to provide financial services to small businesses. UAC training helps students develop not only crucial financial skills but also the marketing know-how to help promote those services. Skills are taught through a patented home-study course that is available online, allowing students to learn at their own pace. Certifications available are Professional Bookkeeper (PB) QuickBooks Specialist (QS), Profit & Growth Expert (PGE) as well as training in Color Accounting (CA). More information about Universal can be found by calling 1-800-343-4827 or visiting www.universalaccountingschool.com.