3 Important Lists

checklistYou’re now the boss—in charge of your own fate and professional future.  You’re earning money for yourself, and there’s no limit to what you can do.  And while it’s not easy, it is exciting. 

But now that you’re in charge, you need to ensure that you’re on the right track—always moving your business upward and onward.  To help organize your priorities, author and entrepreneur Paula Rizzo recommend “The 3 Lists Every Entrepreneur Must Make” in a recent article posted to Entrepreneur.com.  Here we share her suggestions:

1. To-do list.  This helps you prioritize tasks so that you know what needs to be accomplished and when.  Rizzo suggests having a daily and weekly to-do list which can be organized by project, client and/or priority.  Either way, it’s important not to schedule too far ahead or your list becomes ridiculously long and meaningless.

2. Outsource list. You know the importance of outsourcing because you’ve talked about it with your own clients; just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.  Your objective is to work as many billable hours as possible, focusing on your expertise while increasing your bottom line.  Working on any task that distracts too much from that is something you should consider outsourcing to a professional.

3. To-become list.  As Oprah once said, “You become what you believe.”  So what do you want to become?  It’s important that you have a list that includes all those things you desire for your business and your life.  Don’t limit yourself with small aspirations.  As Rizzo explains, “Making a to-become list will get you motivated, hold you accountable and remind you of what’s important to you and your business.  Keep this list somewhere safe and set a reminder in your phone every few months to check it out and see what you’ve become.”

Having a practice that excels definitely requires determination and focus.  Ensuring that you’re moving forward can definitely be achieved by holding yourself accountable with these lists.

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Rizzo, Paula.  “The 3 Lists Every Entrepreneur Must Make.”  12 November 2014  Entrepreneur.com