#6 Networking


When done properly and with some patience “networking” can be one of the best marketing strategies a students can implement into their marketing efforts. This is because they will be creating a team of people who will be helping them look for potential clients as opposed to doing it on their own. This is one of many forms of “leveraged” marketing.

Here is a list of different types of groups that the students can visit and/or join.

1. Chamber of Commerce

2. BNI

3. LeTip

4. ABA

When joining a group, the student should become involved.  They need to attend the meetings, look for opportunities to be on committees and help chair some of the committees.

When attending any networking meetings or events, the student should:

1. Arrive early and greet everyone

2. Hand everyone a business card

3. Ask for their cards

4. Learn about them

5. Write a memory on the back of the card they gave you to remind you who the person was later on

The “Introductory Presentation” is a guide the student should familiarize themselves with to use as a guide when speaking with people at any networking meeting or event.

Other types of groups they may want to look into participating in are

1. PTA

2. Church groups

3. Trade Organizations

4. Home Owners Associations