A Profile of Success

Running a Winning Own Accounting and Tax Practice:

A Profile of Success

Ralph Barnes is in the middle of tax season, counting the days to April 15th when his business will slow down a bit so that he can get back to the regular, less rigorous routine of his accounting practice. He works by himself in a little office on the main street of Clarkston, Washington, and has the freedom to work late hours when his business requires it or to or take a week off when he requires it.He quit his job as an accountant for a radial tire chain 14 years ago. Ralph works as an accountant for 20 clients and prepares, roughly, 170 tax returns every year. He’s as busy as he would like to be and enjoys a flexible schedule, spending leisurely time with his wife, adult children, and young grandchildren.Ralph enjoys his business. He says the best part is being his own boss. He advices others who would like to start their own accounting and tax practice to remember ” . . . it takes awhile to build up the business. You have to be working on getting new clients all the time. You can’t wait for them to walk through the door; it’s not going to happen. Once you get a good client base you’ll get lots of referrals.” What’s the benefit of adding tax services to your menu? Ralph says, “That’s where I make my living. I get 75% of my money from taxes.”

You Too Can Run a Successful Accounting and Tax Practice

Perhaps you already have your own accounting practice. Or maybe you’ve been thinking about it, planning for just the right time to launch yourself to success. Regardless of your current status, you can build a successful accounting and tax practice in less time than you might imagine. All you need is accounting and tax expertise and the know-how to market that expertise.

Accounting Expertise

Consider all the small businesses in your community, those with storefronts and those without: owners of restaurants, specialty shops, training facilities, freelancers and consultants, and even the closet Ebay seller all have to manage their business’s finances. If you are an accountant or bookkeeper, the opportunity to serve a growing community of entrepreneurs is remarkable. In fact, over 80% of accounting opportunities exist within the small business sector.Universal Accounting Center’s Professional Bookkeeper Program has over 25 years of experience training individuals in small business accounting. In less than 60 hours you can receive a professional designation as proof of your expertise, enabling you to reach out to small businesses in your area and work year-round as an accountant.

Marketing Know-How

Once you have these skills, you can start your own accounting and tax practice. But in order for your business to survive you’ll need clients. Perhaps you feel unsure of your marketing abilities; the truth is, most accountants are unsure how to promote their services. That’s why UAC has designed a 2-day workshop to help you learn the art and science of getting and keeping clients. The Universal Practice Builder will train you in 12 proven marketing strategies, enabling you to grow a substantial client base and in one year earn a minimum of $30,000 in new annualized billings.These three programs come bundled together in one special package. Enroll now and become your own boss where you set your schedule and enjoy a stable, abundant income. Don’t wait to do what many UAC graduates have already done. But don’t trust our word for it; see what they have to say about these programs. Start living your dream. Visit Universal Accounting Center today!