Advantages of Computer Leasing

Advantages of Leasing Computers Over Buying

Avoid Obsolescence

As technology rapidly increases and raises the benchmarks for capability and performance, obsolete computer hardware can become as useful as a Betamax videocassette player. Keeping up with the latest innovations can be expensive. There is another option–leasing.

Why Can Leasing a Computer Benefit Me?

Computer leasing offers the following benefits:

  • Access to the latest technology as soon as it becomes available.
  • You’re not stuck with obsolete equipment that has little trade-in value.

How Do I Find a Good Supplier?

You may choose to work directly with a computer manufacturer that offers leasing. The most common way to lease, however, is to work with a leasing company. Be sure to ask specific questions such as:

  • What are your lease rates?
  • Do you specialize in technology-based leases?
  • Do you require security deposits?
  • Are there any additional fees?

What Kind of Leases Exist and Which Is Best For Me?

The most common types of leases include:

  • Conventional lease. You have three options at the end of the lease period: Renew the lease, request a new lease and new equipment, or return the equipment.
  • Fair market value lease. You and the supplier agree on a fair market value for the computer at the end of the lease period. At this time, you have the option of purchasing the computer for this price.
  • Lease to purchase. You automatically own the computer when the lease expires.

Selecting one of these leases is dependent on the importance you place on having the latest technology. Do you need to continually have the latest available model? Or are you satisfied with the older model until prices plateau?Despite the advantages of leasing, there can be onesignificant drawback–availability. Manufacturers and leasing companies may have difficulty meeting the demand for the latest technology.

Starting Your Business Right

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