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Depending on Where You Live and Work… The Most Stable Career on Earth Just Got Even More Profitable

A sign of good times. Did you know that one of the five hot job sectors today is in accounting? In fact, according to Paul Kaihla, in an article published in CNN Money, “Accountants in Southern California today are a hotter commodity than IT workers were during the tech boom…”The accounting department has always offered a stable career with a good income, but now more than ever before it’s earning skilled accounting professionals in all disciplines, a better income. And if you live and work in the right area, you can demand even more.

Over 550,000 New Businesses Start Every Year

So many new businesses, so few bookkeeping and accounting professionals. According to an article published in Business 2.0, “Spot labor shortages in a handful of hot regional markets are triggering salary windfalls for select workers.””Windfall” is a very powerful word. With the number of new businesses growing every year, the need for skilled and qualified bookkeeping and accounting professionals has never been better. According to Robert Half International, (The worlds largest staffing agency for accounting professionals), if you work in the accounting department, you can expect a raise this year. It doesn’t matter where you work in the department, your services are in demand and in short supply. In fact, depending on where you live and work, you could be looking at a substantial increase.

Haven’t We Seen this Before?

We sure have. According to Mr. Kaihla, “Today’s economy is practically a mirror image of one a decade ago that foreshadowed the biggest job boom since World War II.””The [labor shortages] of 1995 soon spread to other locations and occupations — and by spring of 1996, when the national jobless number was still higher than it is today, more than 100 cities had fallen below the 4% mark. The trend hit its peak in April 2000, when U.S. unemployment bottomed out at 3.8%, the lowest in three decades. Today more than 100 metropolitan areas — about a third of all cities in America — boast unemployment rates at under 4%. Only 41 regions could make the claim in January 2004.”

What Does This All Mean for Me?

I may not be able to guarantee that we’ll see the same kind of across-the-board job growth of the last five years of the 90’s, but I can guarantee you a stable career with a real potential for income growth. All you need are the right skills.For over 500 years bookkeepers and accountants have been a critical member of the team in any business. Accounting professionals have been keeping businesses profitable and made a good living doing it for a long time. Now it’s your turn.

Where Do I Find the Bookkeeping and Accounting Skills that I Need?

smiling manThere is good news. Although you need a specialized and professional set of skills, you don’t need a college education to join the accounting profession. In fact, with the right education, in as little as a month or two you can learn all the skills you need to become a small business bookkeeper. Skills that will allow you to advance in the accounting department where you work right now or find the perfect job in accounting someplace new. Click HERE if you’d like to learn more about some of the skills you need to be a successful small business bookkeeper.We’ve taught small business bookkeeping and accounting since 1979. And we do it better than anyone else. How can I say that? For over 25 years we’ve been considered the small business accounting experts by thousands of graduates of the Professional Bookkeeper program. People just like you and me who have started successful careers as small business bookkeepers and accountants.

What are the Opportunities In Small Business Accounting?

There are many opportunities in this exciting and lucrative field. Click on the link below and learn just what kind of opportunities there are.Click Here to Learn About Career Opportunities in Small Business Accounting Your education with Universal Accounting will not only provide you with an incredible opportunity to improve and advance your present career, but it’s 100% guaranteed.

Our No-Risk Guarantee

We feel so confident that you will find our course invaluable in your new career that we offer this guarantee: “If, after completing all of the practice sets, you do not feel that you have received your money’s worth, simply return the materials to Universal Accounting Center, for a complete refund.”When you last took a class at a college, how did their money-back guarantee read? Did they give any kind of assurance at all that their course would help you succeed in the real world? We stand behind our product and put our money where our mouth is. We take all of the risk because we know that the system works! Thousands just like you have completed our course and have gone on to successful careers in accounting and bookkeeping.We make a career in accounting achievable and stand behind you 100%. You have nothing to lose and your successful new career to gain!

You Don’t Have to Take My Word For It

Click Here to Learn About What Some of Our Graduates are Saying If you’re ready to advance your career, there’s never been a better time than now and there really isn’t a better place than Universal Accounting. For the best small business accounting education, the best guarantee in the industry and a program that will support you with a live voice at the other end of the phone for 12 months after graduation, contact Universal Accounting today.

Regardless of your background,IT WORKS!

It doesn’t matter if you have 20 years experience in accounting, or have never worked in the field before, the course is designed to provide practical, hands-on training for everyone!

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