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Being Ready For The Business When It Starts To Flow In

For most who are running a business for the first time, you have those moments of clarity that you know if you were to do certain tasks, or underatke certain strategies you would be able to take your accounting business to the next level. But it seems, for the most part, that its all you can do just to handle and keep afloat what you now have going. Each day that comes along that you have your welcome mat out, it seems like there is a new set of challenges and hurdles.There are definitely things you can do to prevent you from getting in that rut. An ounce of prevention is most assuredly worth a world of cure and when you are able to plan, even in the smallest way possible you will be able to curb that feeling and be able to experience the success, and the feeling of success that is within your reach. Here are a few things you can do as a business owner to get that “loving” feeling.1.  Plan Out The Next Day.This may seem so simple, but it is fundamental to keeping on track and in sync with that “successful” feeling. Each day you will be able to check out the progress (or non-progress) of your accomplishments for the day. This organizational exercise will get your brain flowing to the things that need to be done that next day, and over the evening will keep your subconscience working on the next tasks on your list.It also helps, for those who aren’t the morning birds as others are, to give you something to concentrate on and be directed to do in those beginning hours of the day when you are still trying to knock the sleep out of your eyes. Regardless if your a morning person or not, by detailing out what you need to do each day will give you a great way for measuring how effective you are and what improvements you need to make to the way you do business behind your desk.2.  Set Weekly Goals.Especially when you are jump-starting your business from scratch you need to be doing a certain number of things at certain points during the week. As stated in, “In The Black” there are three things business owners need to concetrate on for success in business. Production, Marketing and Accounting. For you who have the Accounting business, Your production is the actual work of accounting you are doing for businesses. These are the hours you spend tracking, calculating, and planning with your clientele how to get or keep their business financially healthy.Marketing, telling others what you do best is vital for the growth and sustainability of a business. Yours is no different! You need to be able to ample time to accomplish the marketing you must have for your business to thrive. Who of us have that one great client that is getting us the bulk of what we live on each month? How would it be if all of a sudden they were gone, or no longer doing business with you? Just imagine how the heart palpitations would settle down if you had two or three more just like them on the line, or growing with the billable hours that one had given you?Marketing is essential, whether if it’s putting shoe leather to the pavement and knocking doors, or attending chambers of commerce meetings, it is something you need to do faithfully on a weekly basis.Your own accounting of your business, measurements and metrics of the health of your own business is as needed as it is with your clients. Without setting and working towards weekly goals what would you have to measure? As with everything it is keeping that balance of business, that will gain for you the profits you seek. Setting weekly goals is excellent to being able to gauge how healthy the business was that week.3.  Be At-The-Ready.As a small business owner you always need to be on the look out for business potential and for those things that if undertaken would do your business harm. Being always at-the-ready doesn’t mean that you are coiled like a mountain lion ready to pounce on the next available “prey”, rather it means that you are, for whatever comes into your circle of influence that you are ready to handle it which ever way it may go for you and your business.Clients’ business failures, account acquisitions, services additions, time constraints, adding employees, new office space, etc are all things that happen to all of us and how we are prepared to handle them is how well we navigate through what’s happening. One of the ways to be prepared is in the training you have to put into place for those you are servicing. If you haven’t taken the chance to familiarize yourself with Universal’s Professional Bookkeeper’s Program please do so by clicking here.When you take the steps that are needed to be prepared for the business that will come in the doors, when you start applying the training you receive the customers will come. It is up to you to be there to meet their small business accounting needs… or not.As someone who cares about the quality of the work you do, you want to be able to meet those needs head on, with confidence and with authority as a Profit Expert would have. The question that remains, “are you at-the-ready?” Click here to find out more about the Professional Bookkeeper’s Program.

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