Becoming a Credible Full-Service Financial Provider


Full Accounting BusinessYou have a number of options in responding to the recession. You can 1) try to maintain status quo, 2) retreat, or 3) advance. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs have taken a more aggressive approach even in the worst economic times. They see an economic storm as the opportunity to strengthen their foothold so that when the tempest clears, they are found dominating the market.

You too can take a more aggressive approach without much risk. By simply adding tax services to your menu you can become a full-financial provider, edging out the competition in a matter of months. And with two professional designations and a handful of effective marketing strategies, you can be more than ready to dominate the market once the tempest clears.

Tax Services

From tax preparation to tax planning, you can offer a host of new services that will appeal to both current and prospective clients. In doing so, however, it’s important that you also provide professional credibility in order to secure their trust and loyalty.

Universal’s Professional Tax Preparer program provides you with solid training in the preparation of personal and business returns while enabling you to earn the PTP designation to accompany it. Through our unique hands-on training you will gain the confidence and expertise necessary to tackle just about any return. You’ll complete a number of forms and can move through the course at your own pace, mastering the content in your spare time. And once you enroll, you will have 12-months of follow-up support, enabling you to contact our tax professionals with any questions or concerns you may encounter as you work with clients.

The modules in this course include the following:

1. Establishing the Tax foundation

  • Getting Started
  • Wages, Salaries, & Tips
  • Schedule B – Interest/Dividend Income
  • Schedule C-EZ and Schedule F
  • Schedule D-Capitol Gain (or Loss)
  • Retirement Income
  • Schedule E – Income (or Loss) from Rental Property/Royalties/partnerships/SCorporations/Trusts
  • Other Types of Income
  • Occupational Adjustments
  • Educational and Personal Adjustments

2. Becoming the 1040 Expert

  • Standard vs. Itemized deductions – Part A: Medical/Taxes
  • Schedule A – Part B: Int/Char/Theft
  • Schedule A – Part C: Job/Misc.
  • Calculating the Tax
  • Non-Refundable Credits – Part A
  • Non-Refundable Credits – Part B
  • Other Taxes
  • Payments & Refundable Credits
  • Closing the Return

3. Profitable Business Returns

  • Business Entities
  • Tax Elements in Accounting
  • Financial Components
  • Dispositions of Business Property
  • Schedule C
  • Form 1065
  • Form 1120
  • Form 1120S

4. Building Your Successful Tax Practice

  • Getting started Right
  • Effective marketing
  • Comfortable Interviewing Techniques
  • Profitable Fee Calculations
  • Always the Expert Preparer

Many tax preparers make enough money during tax season to live on for the remainder of the year. Imagine enjoying that kind of “raise” in a recession! But why stop there?

Small-Business Accounting

In addition to tax services, you can enhance your professional appeal by mastering small-business accounting and earning the Professional Bookkeeper (PB) certification. This program is designed to help you serve this niche market in desperate need of a Profit Center Expert, a title that could easily be yours. Whether you’re a novice or expert accountant, this program is designed to train you to start or grow a successful and lucrative business as a Professional Bookkeeper. The modules include:

1. Accounting Made Easy

This module will enable you to master the tools, procedures, and underlying principles that make up the bookkeeping processes of all businesses. Once completed, you will understand the core building blocks of Accounting and Bookkeeping.

2. Practical Small Business Applications

In module two you will apply your understanding of the core accounting principles to specific industries. You will learn to set up books from scratch, do payroll like a seasoned pro, and much more.

3. Advancing Your “Account-Ability”

This module exposes you to sure ways to set up complete bookkeeping systems and manage the books for a variety of more sophisticated industries.

4. Building a Success Accounting Service

In this module you will learn the steps to finding paying clients. You will be fully equipped to start and grow a successful accounting practice.

You can see that the last module will equip you with valuable marketing techniques you can use to secure paying clients. Like the PTP program, the PB course will enable you to move at your own pace, mastering the content as quickly or leisurely as you desire. Once completed, you can have two designations to add to your business card (PB and PTP) and a full-financial practice that will attract more clients, increase your bottom line, and help you become the premier financial professional in your area. Don’t allow the recession to force you into retreat. Advance today by enrolling in these phenomenal programs today!

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