Becoming an Idea Person Increases Your Value


I love Cracker Jacks. I can’t explain why, maybe it’s because I liked them as a kid. Maybe I don’t eat them very often; all I know is, I love Cracker Jacks. I also know that I am not alone. Cracker Jacks have been around since the early 1900’s. An icon of American culture. You don’t sing about a Snicker’s Bar at the baseball game, but we sing about Cracker Jacks during the 7th inning stretch.You might find it interesting to know that when Cracker Jacks was introduced there were a number of very similar snack foods. Little Buster, Yellow Kid and Honey Corn to name a few. Do any of these brand names sound familiar?What made Cracker Jacks such a success? I wish I could say it was because they were so good… and good for you, but it wasn’t that. (Tasty as they are.) It was the toy inside. The success of Cracker Jacks was the result of a very cleaver idea. A simple idea that made Cracker Jacks an American franchise.

OK… but Bookkeeping and Accounting aren’t Snack Foods

No, bookkeeping and accounting are much more exciting than that… and really creative too. Following trends, recognizing what works and what doesn’t, and finding creative ways to solve problems and improve systems makes the accountant a valuable asset. If a small business is lucky enough to have a creative idea person for its bookkeeper/accountant, that’s a lucky business.With the growth of the Mega-Merchandisers and Multi-National Conglomerates entering markets that for the last 100 years have been the primary domain of the small businessman, it’s more important than ever for a small business owner to posses a complete and thorough understanding of the financial health within his/her business.Often, the solutions to some of the complex challenges that small businesses face are not as obvious as you might think. Being able to creatively look at the here-and-now and innovatively approach any challenge is a skill that you can not only learn, but you can become very good at it too.

6 Steps to Becoming an Idea Person

Steven Gray of the Washington Post gives six suggestions for establishing what he calls your “Idea Person Credentials.”

  1. Be Willing to Take Risks: It’s always easier to just sit back and let someone else take responsibility. You need to be willing to stick your neck out a little to come up with creative and innovative ideas for improving an existing process or solving problems within a broken system.
  2. Develop Ideas by Reading Widely, from Pop Culture Magazines to Academic and Business Journals:This is an easy one for me, I like to read. I’ll read just about anything. Keeping up to date on what’s going on in the world around us, reading the trade journals that apply to your client’s business , keeping up with the latest accounting trends and then incorporating them into your “bag of ideas” is the first step.But that’s not all, your clients will benefit from the fact that you have several clients. Your experience with a number of different businesses and industries, allows you to pull from a “bag of ideas” that encompass a much broader scope than the person whose experience is limited to a single industry.
  3. Observe and Listen in Order to Understand your Client’s Organization’s Mission and Culture: How you present your ideas is just as important as the ideas. Make sure you have an understanding of the company’s mission a culture so you can present your ideas in a forum that your clients will understand.
  4. Tailor Your Idea to Fit Your Client’s Organization: Your great idea might apply to any number of businesses, but if you don’t taylor it to fit your client’s needs and organization, it won’t be accepted. Don’t assume that they will be able to make the leap of understanding. It has to be easy to understand in the language of their busine ss.
  5. Identify the People Who Can Help Shape the Idea Before It’s Presented: Find a coach. Someone who knows the ins-and-outs of your client’s business (and your client) and can help you frame your ideas so that your client accepts them for consideration.
  6. Know Your Client’s Personality: We all accept and understand information in different ways. Some people are more visual than others… you’ll need to take that into consideration. To be considered an Idea Resource for your clients, you’ll need to make sure you understand them well enough to communicate in the way that they understand the best.

First… You’ve Got to Produce Results

Before your clients will trust you with ideas, they’ll need to see that you can get things accomplished. We all know people who have lots of great ideas, but never do anything. You don’t want your clients to perceive you as someone like that. Build your reputation as a performer first, then your clients will make an easy transition to seeing you as their Idea Person.

Opportunities Through the Skillful Use of Small Business Bookkeeping and Accounting Principles Has Never Been Greater

Small businesses need the expertise that you bring to the table. Bookkeeping and accounting are often somewhat neglected by many small business owners. Unfortunately, they don’t have a complete understanding of why this is so important.That’s why Universal has been teaching the ins-and-outs of small business bookkeeping and tax accounting for over 25 years. It’s a critical part of the profitability and success of every business and Universal Accounting is the small business profit expert. Learning bookkeeping and tax at Universal gives you all the tools you’ll need to become a skilled and qualified small business profit expert too.Our job, as bookkeepers and accountants, does not stop with the input of data from sales receipts and payroll ledgers. The real benefit we offer the small business owner is our understanding of what all the numbers mean. The ability to interpret the financial data is vital for the long term health and even survival of many small businesses.This understanding enables our clients to make informed decisions concerning their businesses. As important partners and idea people in their businesses we offer information and advice that directly effects the success or failure of every business. Follow the link below and learn more about what the bookkeeper and tax accountant have to offer a small business and how becoming that financial “Idea Person” will help you create the lifestyle that you and your family are looking for.Click Here to Learn More About Becoming the Financial Idea Person for Your Clients and Earning More Income

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