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Enjoy a More Flexible Schedule and Be A Successful Business Owner

Are You an Entrepreneur or a Propreneur?

A young, smiling business woman.What is a “propreneur”? Many very successful small business owners don’t fit the classic entrepreneurial mold. They’re not so much into the “business of business.” They are more interested in finding meaning in their careers and creating a lifestyle that will allow them to spend time doing those things that are most important to them.If this describes you, you’re a propreneur. And with the right business, you will be very successful.

Aren’t All Business Owners Very “Driven”?

If by “driven” you mean someone who thinks of nothing but work, no. Many people who are happy and successful in their own businesses aren’t what you would consider “driven.” In fact, the key to succeeding as a propreneur lies in managing your business in such a way that you can perform those functions you do best.The Following 4 Things Will Make You a Successful PropreneurAuthors and career coaches Paul and Sarah Edwards describe 4 things that you will need to do to be a successful propreneur. In a previous newsletter, we discussed what Paul and Sarah had to say about what is the best home-based business. (Click HERE to read about what Paul and Sarah say is the “Best of the Best Home-Based Business.”)

  1. Have a Professional Attitude. Treat your business like a real business. Take the legal steps to form your business entity (proprietorship, corporation, LLC, etc…), open a business banking account, launch a website, and so on.
  2. Get Business Coming to You. Learn to attract new business in ways that are the most comfortable to you. Do the things that come the most naturally, but remember, “Nothing happens until you make a sale.” You may have to step out of your comfort zone a little, but finding and keeping customers doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable thing to do.
  3. Have a Good Relationship with Money. Don’t be afraid to talk to your clients about what you expect to get paid for the services you provide. Bookkeeping and accounting are highly specialized fields that require the skills of a trained professional. You must feel comfortable talking openly about money issues with your clients. Never feel you have to apologize for charging a fee for saving them a lot of time, headache and money.
  4. Set Up a Support Network. Line up a network of professionals you can turn to for advice and assistance. For 6 months after your graduation, Universal Accounting Center will be there to offer you free advice, motivation and guidance as you begin your professional bookkeeping and accounting practice.

There is a Lot of Opportunity in Small Business Bookkeeping and Accounting

85% of the opportunity for bookkeepers is in small businesses. Small business owners need the services you can provide, and what’s more, it’s required by the government. Every business must do accounting and keep accounting records; qualified small business accounting professionals are in high demand.The Professional Bookkeeper Program will teach you everything you need to know to do bookkeeping for any small business. We’ve been teaching small business bookkeeping and accounting since 1979. That’s 25 years of teaching people just like you and me the ins-and-outs of bookkeeping for small businesses. In fact, we’ve been called the Small Business Accounting Experts.You don’t have to take my word for it. With thousands of successful graduates across the country, I’m confident that you will find the same level of personal and professional satisfaction that they have found. See for yourself what a few of our graduates are saying about the Professional Bookkeeper Program.

Your Professional Bookkeeping and Accounting Practice Will Earn a Better Income

The accounting profession has been around for a long time. Over 500 years to be exact. And you should know that the need for accounting and bookkeeping professionals is at an all-time high. Every year 500,000 new businesses are created, and all of them need the advice and expertise of a trained bookkeeper. As this trend continues, the need for your skills will continue to increase as well.According to Robert Half/Accountemps, the nation’s largest placement firm for accounting professionals, the demand for skilled professionals in the accounting field is so large right now that bookkeepers and accountants are able to demand better incomes. There’s never been a better time to own a bookkeeping and accounting practice than right now.

Earn $30 to $60 per Hour and Save Your Clients Money

The average freelance bookkeeper can expect to charge $30 to $60 per hour for services that have the ability to save small business owners time and money. With the right training you can charge those kinds of rates for your services too. If you’d like to increase your income, create a better lifestyle for yourself and your family while becoming a propreneur, order our DVD “Start Today & Have Your Own Bookkeeping Business.” For less than $10 you can be on your way to a more flexible schedule, a more lucrative lifestyle, and the opportunity to earn money doing what you enjoy.

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