Careering Ahead For a Better Opportunity

Change Offers Opportunity

Change is frightening to most people. But sometimes it’s the best medicine for us.For over a dozen years I worked in a large corporation with great benefits. Raises were an annual tradition, and I was making over four times the salary I started with. In most respects I was happy. But my job was getting old and becoming a drudgery.The thought of leaving my comfortable environment was, to say the least, frightening. So, I decided to take it in stages. I began by starting a bookkeeping service from my home.

Challenges Faced and Overcome Together

Since I worked during normal business hours I faced two challenges: How to meet prospective clients, and how to get the work done during the few free hours I had in the evening. The first challenge was easily solved by prospecting among friends and relatives. These are people I already had a relationship with and that I saw after business hours anyway. My first four clients came through these associations.The second challenge was also easily solved. My wife, Sheri, was a homemaker and three of our four children were in school. With just a few simple instructions I was able to train her to do the data entry which she enjoyed doing. In the morning, before I left for work, I would set out the client’s material, and when I arrived home, the data would be entered flawlessly. I would spend a couple hours reviewing the results, making any needed adjustments, and printing out the reports.After a short time of building my practice the decision to leave my full-time employer was a natural and lucrative one. It was just what “the doctor ordered.”-Allen BostromPresident of Universal Accounting

Improve YOUR Future

This is just one of thousands of testimonials that we receive from our graduates (in this case also the President of the company), confirming the principles taught in the Professional Bookkeeper program. The marketing techniques that you will learn in the Professional Bookkeeper program are not lofty theory or stuffy book learning. You will learn the “down in the trenches” practical guidance that you need to succeed with you own successful Accounting service.Learn How To Start Your Profitable Business and Achieve Your Dreams!