Christine Petersen, UAC’s Senior Enrollment Director, is Passionate about Helping

christine-petersonChristine Petersen is Universal’s Senior Enrollment Director.  As such, she helps individuals select training programs that will enable them to achieve their career goals.  Roger Knecht, UAC’s President and CEO says, “She has been integral in the success of the company and the students we work with.”

Christine has worked at Universal for more than seven years and enjoys her position as Enrollment Director.  In the past she has also traveled to various Start Today Seminars around the country, selling UAC training programs to attendees.  She also presented at the UAC Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, leading a breakout session entitled “Phenomenal Women in Business.”  In addition, Christine enjoys the highest lifetime average of sales and units per “manday,” longest tenure among enrollment directors, is a member of the $1 million dollar club, and sole member of the $2 million dollar club.

But Christine most enjoys the opportunity to get to know people of diverse backgrounds as she helps inspire them to achieve their business goals.  She says, “Each person I talk with I have the opportunity to make a real and deep connection. It is in making these connections that I am best able to motivate and inspire individuals to get started with the program.  This is what keeps me motivated and satisfied at Universal.”

She finds “the biggest challenge for students is making the commitment to act, stepping outside of their comfort zone and moving toward their true goal, albeit uncomfortable, but nonetheless the goal they profess is truly important to them and the career they say they want to have.”  The greatest obstacle holding most individuals back is fear.  Christine explains, “This fear…can be overcome if they know they are in business for themselves, but not by themselves.  It can be overcome if they learn the proven system for building a business.  It can be overcome by offering them a specific solution so they can visualize this being achievable for them.  Universal offers these solutions.”

Christine finds she has the most success enrolling students in the Accountrepreneur Program which includes everything individuals need to launch a full-service financial practice:

Just last week, Christine was able to enroll Agnes Semey-Akorli, from Regina, Saskatchewan.  Agnes has a degree in accounting from her home country of Ghana and runs her own accounting practice.  She was interested in bolstering her accounting skills with UAC’s training programs.  Christine says, “She and I had a serendipitous connection – the first time we spoke she told me it was like speaking with her sister.  We had a very amazing rapport and it left me feeling so thankful to get the opportunity to work with such wonderful people!”

Of the exchange they enjoyed over the course of three days, Agnes says, “I was really satisfied with Christina for her good interpersonal relationship and encouragements, prompt response to my demands and questions, just to name a few.”

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