Clients Appreciate Patience

Patience is the key to great service. Clients can tell when those they are dealing with are patient and when they’re not. No matter how well you may think you’re hiding it when you feel impatient, your tension will generally show through–in the tone of your voice, a frown, or a quick roll of the eyes. So how can you make certain you’re giving patient, caring service every time you interact with a client? Take the following steps:

  • Think before you speak. If you find yourself beginning to feel tense, stop and get a hold of your emotions before you say something you might regret.
  • Talk in a calm, reassuring voice. Avoid allowing your voice to rise, even if your client is raising his or her voice. Instead, maintain an even tone. This will not only keep your client calm, it will help keep you calm as well.
  • Put yourself in your client’s place. If you were having a problem, you’d want a business associate to treat you in a solicitous manner, wouldn’t you?

Patience is indeed a virtue, particularly when you’re talking about client relationships. So turn your annoyance into tolerance when you find yourself in danger of losing your cool.

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