Create an Online Presence for Your Business

UAC Helps Financial Professionals Create Personalized Websites for their Businesses

A closeup of a URL in a browser.One great way to promote your business is in having a website. People can get to know you a little better even if they are across the continent. A good website will speak directly to your target audience and let them know how you can make their lives better. A good website will represent you well and increase your clientele. A good website will also work 24/7 as a virtual receptionist, getting the word out about your business while you spend your time doing what you do best: accounting. But where do you start? Getting your own website up and running can be an intimidating endeavor. Not anymore.

The New and Improved AccountWeb Tool

Universal Accounting Center (UAC) has recently announced the release of their expanded and improved Accountweb website development tool, available exclusively for accounting, tax, and bookkeeping professionals. Within minutes you can create a personalized website for your practice, enabling potential clients to access your business even after your office closes.Much more robust and customizable than the earlier version of the AccountWeb tool, this version includes several templates to choose from along with an in-depth and user-friendly administration tool. Additionally, users will receive an email account and the ability send out monthly newsletters, developed by Universal, to their own in-house list of accounting contacts to be used as a marketing and client retention tool.Regardless of the package you choose, you will have access to:

  • UAC Support
  • A personal domain (i.e.
  • The ability to change, remove, add textual content in the form of posts or page.
  • The ability to update user and contact information.
  • The ability to display any UAC designations you have earned (PB, PTP, QBS.
  • The ability to add personal Link.
  • An upload images feature.
  • UAC’s basic database of images (with resize and customization features.
  • Basic listing in the director.
  • 100 MB Web Space.
  • 1000 MB Transfer.
  • 1 Email address.
  • The rebuild-website function.
  • RSS feed.
  • Automatic search engine submissions (ping notifications).

“In past years, Universal provided a relatively simple website to its students but the customizability was limited,” said Mike Rigby, Accountweb developer. “With this new upgrade, the user will be able to choose from a large variety of templates, text, and domain names, making their web site unique to their situation.”Imagine how difficult it would be to create your own website with all the above features without spending much of your own time managing the process. Now imagine that UAC can manage that process for you, enabling you to create a strong web presence without expending much energy.To see a sample of a website developed from the Universal Accountweb platform, go to you run a full-time accounting practice or do taxes on the side, you need a website that tells potential clients about your business even when you are unable to. You can add this URL to your business card, increasing your marketing efforts with minimal cost. If you haven’t yet developed a website for your business, today is the day! Order your subscription now-your website will be up and running while you do other important tasks in the next 1-2 business days. And if you are a Universal Accounting student you will receive a free six-month trial!Accountweb Website Signup(Note: The setup process will adjust for all students’ terms and the free trial that was sold to them.)