Creating the Buzz in Your Marketplace

A graphic representation of the Universal Business Model.The Universal Business Model demonstrates that there are three functions that must work well together in order to increase profits: accounting, production, and marketing. This week we are going to spotlight marketing.

Marketing: Top of the Mind Awareness

You can be the best accountant in your area with the best and most innovative gadgets, but until the word gets out that you have what others are looking for it doesn’t do you any good. Marketing is what will bring your accounting business from lackluster sales and a handful of clients to burgeoning bank accounts and more work than you know what to do with.

Marketing and the Accounting Professional

It’s rare to have someone who is a master of accounting AND marketing. You may have wondered how small business owners like you can get their message out in order to increase their client base and ensure hearty growth. But what may seem like a mystery to some is obvious to others; in order for your marketing efforts to be successful you must make your products and services more visible. We hear, more and more, of our graduates securing more accounts simply by making themselves more available to talk more of what they do, by taking the time to explain how they can help other better manage a vital part of a potential client’s business, their accounting.