Customer Service is Marketing

Customer Service – The Most Basic Form of Marketing

Believe it or not, client, or to be more precise, client service, is the most effective and, in many cases, the easiest way to maintain your client base. Good, old-fashioned service commands their loyalty and pays your bills.Let’s examine some surefire client service tips that are proven winners:1.Before each client’s appointment, take the time to review his or her file to bring yourself up to speed. Without this fundamental homework you can make mistakes which can easily be avoided.2. Ensure that you are on time for appointments. Punctuality always creates a good impression – especially a good first impression.3. Manage the client’s bill – it’s not a time for surprises.4. Ensure that there is no doubt concerning your fee structure. Up front is the time to sort this issue out not after the event.5. Show your clients that you’re thinking of them. Sending copies of magazine or newspaper articles regarding their business is a good illustration of this concept.6. If you are able to attract business with the “under promise and over deliver” strategy it’s one that’s sure to result in your clients referring their friends, family members and other contacts to you.7. Consider the customer service techniques that other industries use. The airline industry is a good example. It offers frequent flyer programs and doesn’t hesitate to offer compensation when it recognizes that it is responsible for a mistake which has led to a passenger’s discomfort.Client service is really a mindset that you need to acquire to maintain and increase your existing client base.