Diagnose and Heal Your Client’s Business with BizBench

There are financial professionals and there are Profit and Growth Experts.  What’s the difference?  A Profit and Growth Expert uses financial data to analyze a business’s fiscal standing, sharing that analysis with clients who can then use the data to make more profitable financial decisions.

As you can imagine, Profit and Growth Experts can be key to small business success because they are proactive financial professionals who realize that the information a business generates provides crucial data.  It’s the financial professional’s job to share this data with business owners, explaining it in such a way that they both understand what the information indicates and can use it to inform important business decisions.

Become a Profit and Growth Expert Using BizBench 

“Clearly, making the transition from the traditional role of ‘service provider’ to ‘growth consultant’ is the most important issue the [accounting] profession is facing.” – Pascal Van Dooren, EVP, Avalara

All you need to do is enter a few data points, and BizBench kicks out a 40-45 page report benchmarking their performance across 50 key metrics and against similar businesses nationwide with an action plan to heal all that is ailing their business.  And, the report includes all your branding! It only takes a few minutes to set up your account.  Don’t just report, but be their Profit and Growth Expert!

How BizBench Can Build Your Practice 

There are many ways you can use BizBench to enhance your practice.

Attract More New Clients Give potential clients the incentive to become paying clients.  Offer them a report that benchmarks their business against similar businesses and charts and graphs their strengths and weaknesses and opportunities for growth.  Let them know you’re more than just an historian; but you can help shape their future. Retain

Existing Clients Imagine the power that a complete and comprehensive benchmarking and profitability report will give you to shape the future of your existing clients.  They will see you as a valued and trusted adviser as you quantify monthly improvements against this benchmark in dollars and cents to further increase the value of your services each month.

Save Time It only takes a few minutes to submit your client’s key income statement and balance sheet data online, and in just a few seconds, you have a comprehensive benchmarking and profitability report to present them.  BizBench does all the heavy lifting for you, and you take all the credit with this report branded for your business.

Change the face of your business today, and become a Profit and Growth Expert using BizBench Software!