Effective Voicemail Messages

There’s no denying it; our lives are consumed by technology.  From the email we check to the texts we send to the voicemails we listen to.  If you’re going to successfully compete is this digital environment, you must ensure that your communications are noteworthy. 

If you are one of many professionals who leave voicemails for potential clients, it’s important that your messages be engaging enough to warrant a callback.  Whether you’re cold calling, contacting a referral or returning a call from an interested prospect, remember that this is a valuable form of marketing, and your approach and delivery could make or break its effectiveness.

Here are 7 tips for leaving successful voicemail messages:

1. Be quick and to the point.  Your voicemail should never be longer than 60 seconds.  Make sure that your messages are focused and succinct.  This means you should probably practice before calling to ensure you don’t ramble and waste precious time.

2. Timestamp it.  Not everyone checks their voicemail regularly.  Leave the date and time you called so that the listener knows when the message was left.

3. Contextualize your message.  If you’ve met this individual before or have been referred by someone they know you need to say so at beginning of your message.  Otherwise, contextualize your message by informing listeners that your services are beneficial to small business owners like them.

4. Don’t give it all away.  If you give the listener a complete pitch, they will have no reason to return your call.  Give a couple benefits you provide clients, but not all; hint at bigger and better savings and profitability your services provide.  The key is to intrigue listeners enough that they want to call you back.

5. Provide contact information.  A voicemail is worthless if you don’t provide contact information enabling the listener to get back with you.  If it’s easier to reach you via email, leave an email address.  If you feel a phone call is more effective, leave your cell number. 

6. Include a call to action.  Like any other marketing technique, your voicemail must include a call to action.  Whether it’s as simple as a request to return your call or take advantage of a free consultation, a good message must end with solid instructions on what the prospect should do next.

7. Smile when you speak. It’s important that you sound enthusiastic when leaving your message.  It helps to smile when you speak. 

While leaving a message isn’t the most preferable method of contact, a voicemail can be a great opportunity to peak a prospect’s interest in your services quickly and succinctly.  Following these 7 tips will definitely help you accomplish that.

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