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Create an Elevator Speech and Sell Yourself in 60 Seconds or Less

So what do you do, anyway? Has anyone ever asked you that question before? If you’ve stuttered through your answer, then you need to create a striking, clear, and succinct “elevator speech.” So what’s an elevator speech, you ask? It’s like a quick infomercial about you and your business that can be delivered in the time it takes an elevator to carry its occupants to their floor. An elevator speech is something you hone and practice so that at opportune moments you can network effectively, explaining what you do and why you do it so well that everyone deserves to hear about it.

The Hook

You should begin your elevator speech with a hook that piques the listener’s interest and makes them want to hear more. Consider using a quote, sharing a quick anecdote, or asking a question.

The Conversational Tone

Your elevator speech is not a sales pitch. Occupants would opt to walk up flights of stairs rather than be stuck in an elevator with a relentless salesperson. Think of your speech as the introduction your business would give where it able to talk. It shouldn’t sound canned or monotonous. It should be exciting and engaging, communicating your passion for what you do and how well you do it. You should practice the speech so that it sounds natural and conversational. And it’s important that you not drone on and on. That’s why it should be no longer than 60 seconds. In fact, you may consider having two versions of your elevator speech: the 30-second version and the minute version. The elevator speech you deliver would depend on the given situation.

The Details

Without significant details, your elevator speech is generic and uninformative. What do you do? What sets your services apart from others? Who are your clients and what problems do you solve for them? What could you do for the listener to make their lives better?

The Request

You should always end your speech with a request. Will you ask for the listener’s business card? Will you ask them to take your card and give you a call if they’d like to hear more? Do you want them to refer their family and friends to you? You may decide to have different requests in mind so you can end your speech with a request that responds best to that particular situation.

A Sample Elevator Speech

Here’s a sample elevator speech that may help you begin creating your own:

My name’s Sharon West and I enjoy doing what most people don’t: I file taxes, helping individuals and small business owners maximize their returns. I’m a professional tax preparer. You see, many paid tax preparers haven’t received any formal training in filing taxes and working with individuals on their tax planning. That’s what I do and I’ve been trained to do it. And if business owners are concerned that my fees will eat up their profits, I can guarantee that what I charge will come back to them at least 100% in tax savings. Now how many tax professionals do you know of that come with that kind of guarantee? Here’s my business card. If you know of individuals or small business owners who could use a trusted tax professional, please refer them to me.

A Final Note

While you can always give your speech in an elevator, the elevator speech is designed for any networking situation where you can introduce yourself and your business to potential clients. This may be at a convention, a conference, the grocery store, or the dentist’s office. Remember that anyone can be a potential client or can refer you to a potential client. And with your elevator speech on the tip of your tongue, you’re ready to sell yourself in any given situation with comfort and ease.

Universal Can Help You Better Introduce Your Services to Potential Clients

There are many other ways you can introduce yourself and your services to potential clients. While the elevator speech is a great place to start, we have a CD that can enhance your approach; use it either for role playing, watching it while meeting with your client or passing them out. Order a generic version or your own personalized copy today!

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