Embracing a Profit-first Mindset as an Accounting Business Owner

Embracing a Profit-first Mindset as an Accounting Business Owner

If you’re a small business owner, maybe you’ve heard this adage before: “Your business should be profit-first.”


It seems obvious, right? The whole point of starting an accounting business, or any business, is to make money. But it’s actually quite common for entrepreneurs to start successful businesses and never really make much money off of them.


So often they put every dollar they can back into the business to keep it moving forward and growing more. The business may be thriving, but the entrepreneur doesn’t stop to pay themselves. Not ensuring that you as the business owner are reaching your goals and enjoying the lifestyle you set out for can be a bit of a trap. You may take pride in being a workaholic, but it could leave you feeling burnt out.


When it comes to the world of accounting, there are some real trailblazers who not only excel in their field but also shake up the way we think about success. One of these rockstars is Michelle Quinonez, the brains behind MR Books Advisory & Pocket Your Profit. In a recent chat on the “Building the Premier Accounting Firm,” podcast, President of Universal Accounting Center Roger Knecht sat down with Michelle for a chat that dives deeper into this issue. It was a journey through Michelle’s fascinating career in accounting and how changing her mindset led to starting a successful, growing accounting firm.

The “State of Being” Mindset: A Game Changer

At the core of Michelle Quinonez’s unique approach to business is something she calls the ‘State of Being.’ This isn’t just some abstract concept; it’s a mindset that shapes her choices and drives her to keep pushing boundaries. During the chat, Michelle spilled the beans on how this mindset has been a game changer for her and why having the right mindset is crucial for reaching your goals.


“Being” is an important concept to meditate on as an entrepreneur, and we’re talking about the noun clause, not the verb. Michelle emphasizes the importance of being in touch with your “being” and checking in regularly on your goals. We often focus so much on doing as business owners. What can we do to make more money, be more efficient? But it’s essential, as Michelle says on the podcast, to also take time to focus on your being. Ask yourself why you got into business and what you hope to achieve for yourself, your family, your employees and your community.


Financial Transparency: The Bedrock of Success

Financial transparency isn’t just a catchphrase for Michelle; it’s a guiding principle that lights her professional and personal path. Michelle dove deep into her experiences with financial transparency, showing us how it’s the secret sauce for building trust, being authentic, and forging stronger client relationships. She gave us a sneak peek into how transparency has benefited her in unexpected ways.


This transparency can be both inwards and outwards. It’s important to be honest with yourself and the people around you about the progress of the business.


Money Matters: A Unique Perspective

Let’s face it, we’re all fascinated by money. Michelle Quinonez shared her unique take on it during our chat. She explored the idea of having0 “an abundance mindset” and how this simple shift in thinking can totally transform your relationship with money.


Michelle’s insights in this area show us how having the right mindset can set you on the path to financial success and a more positive outlook on wealth.

Uncovering the Value of CFO & Advisory Services

One nugget of wisdom that stood out from our conversation was Michelle and Roger’s discussion on how to effectively communicate the value of CFO & Advisory services to clients. They shared some nifty strategies for helping clients understand and appreciate the true worth of these services. It’s like a crash course for accounting pros who want to make a real impact in their clients’ businesses.


Listen to the Full Episode with Michelle Quinonez

Michelle Quinonez is the driving force behind MR Books Advisory & Pocket Your Profit. Her mission? To empower business owners to take control of their financial success. She’s all about replacing confusion, stress, and uncertainty with clarity, freedom, and control. And she’s not your run-of-the-mill CFO or bookkeeper. Nope, she’s all about serving entrepreneurs and small business owners, helping them grow their businesses and make a profit.


Pocket Your Profit isn’t just another accounting firm. Michelle’s approach is all about maximizing money and time through profit-focused cash management and scalable systems. Her strategy is the key to unlocking financial success and freedom for both businesses and their leaders.


In a world where financial success can sometimes feel like a distant dream, Michelle Quinonez is like a shining beacon of hope. Her passion for empowering entrepreneurs and small business owners to find profitability is not just inspiring but downright practical. So, as you tune in to “Building the Premier Accounting Firm” and listen to Roger Knecht’s chat with Michelle Quinonez, get ready to be inspired, empowered, and armed with a fresh perspective on accounting, entrepreneurship, and what it takes to build your premier accounting firm.



To learn more about how you can provide quality CFO & advisory services, develop a more balanced entrepreneur’s mindset, or change your perspective on how you think about money, give Universal Accounting Center a call at 877-801-8080. Or, schedule a time to discuss your future when it’s more convenient for you.

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