First steps for marketing your service

This article examines essential marketing and identity elements for your startup homebased business- your business cards, letterhead, and envelopes.

Business Cards and Letterhead are important to all business professionals. To many, your business card might be the only thing with which they have to judge you. For that reason, it’s a good idea to spend a little bit more and get something that favorably represents you. On the other hand, the costly, foiled, raised print might be all right for the lawyer and real estate agent, but it isn’t necessary for the accountant. Something in the middle will be suitable.

Today, you can purchase business cards from the corner copy store, or from professional print shops. Or, if you have the right equipment you could even make them with a computer and printer.

At the copy store, you can view books of card samples. Most cards start at $15 for five hundred cards, and go up. Again the cheapest isn’t necessarily the best. Pick out the best sample that fits you. The printer will then help you place your information into the format of the card.

If you want to be more creative, a print shop will help you design the card. They also have samples.

One more thing: Don’t clutter your cards with too much information or gimmicky graphics. Put the most critical items on the face of the card. If you feel there is still more you would like to say on the card, then have it printed on the backside.

Letterhead and envelopes should be attractive and professional. Use a high-quality bond paper, not standard weight copy paper. Again, a few extra dollars can usually go a long way in impressing your clients.

If money isn’t an issue, and you don’t mind spending a few extra hundred dollars for just the right image, you can contract a graphics artist to design a unique card and letterhead just for you. Most people don’t take this step, nor do they need to.

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