Five Tips to Strengthen Your Client Presentations

How you first present yourself to that prospective client can make the difference between getting a new client or walking away empty handed. Here are five tips that will help to make the initial visit a positive one.

1.  Don’t overstay your welcome. Business owners/managers are swamped with work. Their time is valuable. Don’t take more than your fair share of it. Know your client presentation before you show up for an appointment, and don’t drag your feet following up with information your prospective client requests.

2.  Keep time on your side. If a call is taking longer than you thought and you’re worried about jeopardizing a major client at your next appointment, don’t just rush through your presentation. You may get out the door in time for your next appointment, but you may also blow your chance of being invited back to meet with this client. Be honest and admit that you underestimated the time the call would take, and ask whether you can return later that day or in the morning.

3.  Let it sink in. If the prospective client isn’t ready to commit on your first visit, give them time to consider your offer. Suggest that you will call back in a few days to answer any questions they might have.

4.  Listen up. Some owners/managers know exactly what they want and can explain it to you clearly. Others need a little prompting. Either way, listen to what they say. It’s up to you to deliver the accounting service they ask for or work with them to find the right fit for their companies.

5.  Build confidence. Always keep in mind that the owner/manager wants to make the right decision. You know that you are the right person for the job. Now, he or she must trust you before doing business with you.

Follow these simple techniques and each meeting with a prospective client will either get you a new client, or a respectful associate from whom referrals might come.

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