Free PR!

Get the Word Out About Your Business

While things seem to be looking better for the economy, many small businesses continue their struggle to regain footing and increase profitability.  Some may have streamlined their marketing budget, cutting back on many promotional strategies due to cost.  As the economy becomes more robust, you want your target market to know your practice is still alive and kicking, especially when they start feeling more comfortable about spending money.  But how can you get the word out about your business without spending a dime?  Here are three ways to secure free publicity:

1. Issue a Press Release

Writing a press release that’s published in your local paper is a great way to get free publicity.  Fairly easy to write and straight forward, a press release will expose local business owners to your name and the valuable services you offer.  However, it’s important that you do a little research before you write — you want your press release to multitask; it should be newsworthy and generate good PR.

2. Write an Article or, Better Yet, a Column for the Local Newspaper

Again, your local paper is a good place to look for some publicity.  Weekly circulars are always looking for short and free articles to fill their paper at a low cost.  Volunteer to write an article that gives financial advice.  In exchange you’ll get a byline and bio that will drive readers to your business.  You may be surprised; if you do a good job, they may ask you to write a reoccurring column.  And the more often readers see your name the more likely they’ll come to you as soon as they need financial advice.

3.    Become the Main EventConsider presenting at conferences, creating a booth for local events, or teaching community classes in accounting or tax.  All will give you great exposure, enable you to distribute your business card, and give people an idea of the kind of professional you are.  Be sure to have a pamphlet or brochure on hand that describes your services and provides free and useful financial tips.

Universal Accounting Center Can Help You Create a Custom Website for Your Practice

If well developed, a business website can act as an inexpensive marketing tool and a good point of contact.  Let UA help you build a strong web presence without expending much time, energy or money.

Universal Accounting Center (UAC) offers AccountWeb, a website development tool, exclusively for financial professionals.  Within a week you can create a personalized website for your practice, enabling potential clients to access your business even after your office closes.  To see a sample of a website developed from the Universal Accountweb platform, go to

Whether you run a full-time practice or perform financial services on the side, you need a website that tells potential clients about your business even when you are unable to.  If you haven’t yet developed a website for your business, today is the day! Order your subscription now, and your website will be up and running by the following business week.  And if you are a Universal Accounting student you will receive a free six-month trial!